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August 14, 2020

Arrangement for supplying more in agriculture and livestock breeding sectors in Maungtaw District

Cows are seen feeding on the grass in the paddy fields.
Cows are seen feeding on the grass in the paddy fields.

The agricultural and livestock sectors in Maungtaw are being prioritised for support in an effort to maintain stability and development in the region, according to a Rakhine minister.
“For the sustainable, stable development of Rakhine State, the Rakhine State Cabinet is exerting more effort in the sectors of agriculture and livestock breeding”, said U Kyaw Lwin, the minister for agriculture, livestock breeding, forestry and mining of the Rakhine State Cabinet. “The Union Government has already distributed machines for harvesting, threshing and winnowing across Maungtaw district. We will support farmers’ needs, sharing them with techniques and driving forces”.
It is learnt that a budget has been allotted to rebuild embankments by the salt water destroyed, and the process of breeding pedigree cows and goats is being upgraded.



Myint Maung Soe


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