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July 14, 2020

Anti-begging campaign launched in Mandalay

A beggar with a baby trying to solicit donating.
A beggar with a baby trying to solicit donating.

MANDALAY municipal police began arresting beggars on the street on Friday as part of an anti-begging campaign. The municipal staff sent the seven beggars to the police station.
The arrested people include two adults and five children. Police admitted that they were unable to arrest people suspected of controlling or otherwise profiting from the beggars in a secondhand way.
“We need to crack the gangs. So, I’d like to request all duty-conscientious working people to participate in fighting this very inhumane organised crime,” said U Soe Tint Aung, head of the Water and Sanitation Department Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC)
“Myanmar people give money to the street beggars out of compassion. But, it is an act of spoiling them. They get the money easily and, so, they don’t want to work. We have to try to form a good relationship with these children so that we can expose the gangs behind them.” said Director- General U Soe Kyi from the Social Welfare department in an oddly unguarded answer.



 Aung Thant Khine


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