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July 09, 2020

Aficionados, Hero-worshippers and Personality Cult

Tommy Pauk

It is natural that man admires and likes the brave heroes, ideal persons, famous politicians, popular activities, celebrities, sport stars and brilliant persons. We humans are delightfully fascinated by their outstanding abilities or performance or behaviors and interesting activities. People love them irrespective of their race, culture, religion and societies. Aficionados are addicted to music, movies, plays sports and activities. They have passions for certain celebrities, playwrights, movie stars and sport stars. Actually, aficionados are enthusiastic admirers or followers or fans of singers, authors, movie stars and sport stars. Especially youngsters like to be as popular as their favorite celebrities. Aficionados are enthusiastic or crazy about the famous celebrities, artists and sportsmen around the world .For example, The Spanish are crazy about bull fighting, a traditional event in Spain. They could be called aficionados of bull fighting. Some people who like a particular sport, activity or subject very much and know a lot about it could be called aficionados. e.g. aficionados of ballet or wrestling etc. Some people like and appreciate a particular interest in music. E.g. Jazz aficionados, pop aficionados etc. The ardent devotees of soccer or soccer fans are called aficionados of soccer. Other types of people are enthusiastic about pastime e.g. crossword aficionados, chess aficionados etc. Those who like to hoard or collect high quality scent or perfume are called scent aficionados or perfume aficionados. Here we find individual differences in enthusiasm, interests, fondness and hobbies in life. The sensation, appreciation and enthusiasm lead humans to happy life meaningfully indeed. Apart from struggling life, we humans ought to spare some time for pleasure and enjoyment essentially.
The heroes in world history are honored by global people. Normally, the ordinary people hero-worship the persons who sacrificed for the sake of country or mankind on earth. Naturally, the persons who do heroic deeds for a certain nations or for some achievement of mankind are admired by the people. Hero-worshippers are inspired by the act or adventures of heroes to imitate or practice like them. In other words, the fans have the feeling of wanting to be in the same situations as the heroes. Besides, movies stars, vocalists, authors and some famous artistes are hero-worshipped by their fans. The hero-worshippers are touched deeply by the talent or brilliant acting or performance of their favorite movie stars or pop-stars or artistes. The fans do not care about the real life of the stars but they are obsessed with the work of art or art of creation or acting or performance or playing or art of writing of the respective professions or career indeed.The hero-worshippers pay respect and honor their heroes for their distinctive qualities, abilities, talent and skills which contribute to the public or human beings in the world. For example, the famous author named Leo Tolstoy, who wrote the novel ‘War and Peace ‘, is hero-worshipped by his fans or readers around the world. Myanmar people venerate or hero-worship  Alaung- Pha-yar U Aung Ze Ya, the Myanmar king and national hero General Aung San  forever. Some persons are regarded as the heroes in the hearts of the hero-worshippers in human society. The persons who are hero-worshipped may be different nationalities in the world. Their fame and popularity overwhelm all people from different communities across the world. For instance, Mahattama Gandhi of India is hero-worshipped by global people. Hero-worshippers may vary individual hero-worshippers and common hero-worshippers in the world. There is no gender based criterion to select the persons who are to be venerated or adored in human society on earth e.g. the world famous philanthropists such as Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa. The individuals choose the person who has adorable or admirable characteristics in their society or in their communities. People pay hearty tribute to the Martyrs, heroes, heroines, philanthropists, innovators and inventors. The names, fame and glory of those persons will never fade away. The landmark of their conduct will be everlasting on the pages of history. The hero-worshippers can attain motivation and encouragement for the welfare of humanity when they hero-worship the certain ideal persons or brilliant people who contribute to the achievement for mankind.
Personality cult is a situation in which people are encouraged to show extreme love and admiration for a famous person, especially a political leader. It could be also defined or deciphered that the excessive public admiration or devotion to a famous person, especially a political leader. Therefore, personality cult should be permissible in any independent country whenever the people need to choose a good leader for prosperity and progressions. We might wonder why public show extreme love for a certain political leader. There must have been a concrete reason. Probably, that political leader must be well-educated person or smart person or sharp person or public figure or an icon of some political system or an ideal person. We should emphasize that public are politically not naïve so they love and admire a particular political leader heartily due to his or her acceptable characters and trustworthy qualities. Some people think personality cult is considered  a disapproving factor. Nevertheless, a society must have a genuine political leader so as to lead his or her people for political engagement and socio-economic development efficiently. There are many mealy-mouthed politicians in every country and they cheat the general public. Thus, people explore the ideal person in political arena for choosing the right one and create personality cult. They do have intense devotion to a particular person who is well-versed or adept in political field. In fact, this is a cult which promotes adulation of a living national leader or public figure. Public are convinced that the person they devote must be capable of serving in the leadership role for the interests and benefits of the people and nation. The pessimistic perspective on personality cult will be agreeable to some extent if a cult figure is unreliable. Public have rights to judge or assess the caliber of individual politicians. Ultimately, a political leader must attain love, trust and respect of the general public. Reciprocally, a political leader must love, respect and help the general public as well. The relationship between the public and the political leader should be harmonious all the time.
In conclusion, humans should have moderate pleasure, conviction and strong political conscience in any society. However, we humans must avoid practicing extremism on any attempts.!!!


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