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May 31, 2020

A single breach of trust is too many

It is undeniable that we are living in such a challenging epoch of history that the country is in urgent need of greater political action and responsibility than ever before. The challenge of reconstructing the country’s political power should be turned into an impetus for sustainable development through a process of decisive change that can satisfy human needs and aspirations without discrimination.
Peace cannot come from the exchange of fire. Six decades of internal armed conflict has demonstrated that bullets are unable to solve the ethnic crises simply because the problems are deeply rooted in the hearts of all ethnic groups. Peace and stability cannot be built on uncertainty.
As the nationwide peace accord has been openly scheduled to be signed on 15 October, the government and ethnic troops should do everything they can to bring recent sporadic clashes to a complete halt in the knowledge that a single breach of trust is too many. The current political exigency requires both sides to resolve on a shift from a head-to-head talk to a heart-to-heart one.
It is true that more than half a century of deterioration in mutual understanding will take time to heal, but a speedy recovery is feasible once we come together to stand for common goals and pursue them in harmony.
As a country blessed with natural resources, Myanmar should no way lag way behind others in terms of economic, education and social development. It is time that all stakeholders learnt to get their political differences across.


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