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June 03, 2020

A Major Necessity for the People

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • People say that the principal need for the public is food, clothing and shelter. The assertion cannot be assumed to be true for all because some are well supplied with these but others may need food and shelter. In fact, the principal need for the people is only transportation
    Good transportation can give us ease and convenience in travelling from one place to another. Though many things still need to be done for the development of the country, it has been found that the transport sector is developing remarkably.
    Now that road transportation in rural areas has developed much more than ever, we can all see that local people have more jobs and businesses opportunities, especially youths living in rural areas have a more promising future.
    The State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi herself has said, “As regards the transportation sector, some places are inaccessible in all seasons while some places are accessible in all seasons with the exception of availability of electricity. If the second kind can be supplied with electricity, the local populace from these places will create job opportunities and their own businesses on a self-help basis. And, entrepreneurs from foreign countries also will be interested in investing in the areas with good transportation and sufficient electricity.”
    It is heartening to hear that the Union Government will implement projects to supply electricity and all-season-accessible roads so that the people will get job opportunities at the same time. In accord with the instruction of the Union Government, all responsible personnel are required to cooperate to provide power supply according to the needs of the local areas.
    At the present time, Regions and States still have some weakness to supply electricity to the local residents to some extent. Due to some weaknesses between the central government and regional authorities, first of all, ways and means of acquiring electricity over a vast area of the land must be suggested to the Union Government and benefits for the people must be carried out along with the instruction, support and implementation of the Union Government.
    National policy on power is aimed at the distribution of power over the whole area, supporting the national economic development, and sustainable supply of power in accord with the increasing demand of the country. With a view to sustainable utilization of power resources, a framework on policy to utilize power in a fair and equitable manner between the Regions and States is said to be laid down.
    Aims and objectives have already been drawn up to implement power policy which will help projects, enterprises and business ventures. These projects will be implemented in accordance with the national economic policies to bring about the development of human resources by creating opportunities for exploiting power resources equally between Regions and States.
    At such a time when road transportation is developing for the development of people’s lives, it is necessary for all to cooperate wholeheartedly for gaining success in the projects of the power sector and to negotiate between the power producers and the power consumers for the distribution of power at reasonable prices so that it will be a win-win situation for both sides.


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