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January 26, 2020

A Flea Cannot Make a Whirl of Dust, But—-

Khin Maung Oo

As per nature, we all want to live in peace and stability. Somehow, some want others to live differently. These people make our environment unstable and plunge it into chaos. The mass media brings us global news around the clock, unlike the situations in olden times. Naturally, good things accompany bad ones. Out of watching scenic views, wonders of the world, happy & interesting lives of different peoples/races around the world, war victims and scourges of wars, we get vicarious joys, thrills, sorrows and fears. Once we begin using the internet, a mosaic of news, views and information come into our sight. As per usual, we would like to accept only the crème de la crème of the news. Very often, a childish idea occurrs to me about whether it would be better for us to have never seen any bad news. How impossible! Our planet is not a utopia, an imaginary place that exists only in mind. People live in different parts of the world, and they live different lives. Each and every individual has woes, difficulties and sufferings. In this regard, I suddenly remembered a paragraph which appeared in the “Looking at the children of other lands” when I was in the standard 8. It reads: “Can you imagine what it would be like if the climate were the same all over the world? All the flowers and the trees would be the same. Then, the animals might be the same, and the same crops would be grown in the ground. This would mean that the people would all be alike. They would look alike and dress alike and they would all eat the same food. What a dull world this would be! Fortunately this is not so. Because of the change of climate on the earth, the people change too. Their habits change and their ways of living are different. Oh, quite right in saying so! We are in favor of nature, having places of pleasure to live, abundance of edible foods, fruits and vegetables, enormous natural resources to exploit and use. So our natural world is a pleasant and lovable place per se for all beings to peacefully dwell together. Simultaneously, the nature gives us bad guys who are morally bad and wishing to cause trouble or harm — villains”.
It is a sure thing that those evil guys in our world are infinitesimal in number in proportion to the rest of our human society. In fact, extremists, terrorists, ultra-opportunists and aggressive criminals can be likened as fleas that we greatly loathe for their stench and for sucking our blood. Those human fleas are destroying our world by killing people and harming others’ sovereignty. Likewise, our country is also facing the danger of the human fleas. A flea cannot make a whirl of dust, but they are trying to combine with each other to amass their force. And they are trying to disintegrate our unity and strength in many ways, by waging armed attacks, spreading rumours and performing subversive activities. We should not underestimate this enemy.At such a time when the country is moving toward a federal democratic nation, with destructive elements in all surroundings, we need to constantly be wary of the dangers of detestable human fleas.


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