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August 08, 2020

A Certain Public Concern


One of the worrisome that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal is noise pollution or noise disturbance. Noise pollution can be categorized by indoor noise and outdoor noise. Large machines, motor vehicles, aircrafts and trains are the source of most outdoor noise whereas small machines, building activities and music performances are indoor noise. The source of most outdoor noise is mostly caused by machines, transportation systems, building activities and motor vehicles, especially in downtown areas; in other words, it can be regarded as environmental noises. The other major cause of noises originates in the blare of loud radio, car horn, the hubbub of market place or mall and the clamour of the dissatisfied mob which is a real city-concern.
In Yangon, when industrializations matters most, material development is growing leaps and bounds. As a consequence, noise pollution is almost a daily affair in this country, occurring in one part or another. In every area, the influx of the construction activities like bridges, roads, building, flyovers, etc take place each day. The construction site is full of diggers, dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks and so forth. The down point is that these construction equipment are too noisy.
As a daily commuter, I used to take the bus. One day, at 8-mile, no choice, I got on a bus with ear-splitting din of engine to downtown. The same as ever; I was stuck in the traffic jam of junction-8. Yes, Junction-8 is the bone of various noises. Equipment like compressors, generators, giant concrete mixer and gigantic crane in the site of constructing the overhead bridge also were energetically participating in producing the deafening noise. On board, even I had a seat, which was better than other standees that also waited for snatching a seat; the driver played music on full volume which made my condition pretty worse. My patience was wearing out anew due to the long spell of waiting for the green light. Not only me, but also some look nervous and bored. Then the light was on, although, the bus could only drift along inches by inches. Meanwhile, a beggar crawled onto our bus and distributed her papers to beg some money. When she is driven down, she in recalcitrant and gave backchat the bus conductor. That heated debate assaulted the ear. But I dared not breathe a word of my nuisance so as to protect the rudeness from the spare. Unavoidably, loud noises from the road-environs irritated again and made me uncomfortable. As the bus moved along, cars and buses were emulously whizzing past each other by repeatedly horning. Like the “Horn Free Zone”, the drivers freely blare out the horn. Thereafter the bus approached downtown and I stepped out of the bus at Sule stop. In a flash, hawkers and vendors came pouring selling things amid the flow of the bus luring out aloud the people attention. Worst, the catcalls of some beggars who cropped up among the crowd along the bus-stop rang my ears. Along both sides of the road lots of loaded trucks, big and small, roared along the noisy motorway. Sometimes, fire engines in private zoomed along the streets. For me, it pollutes the ears which can take in just a certain ranges of sounds. But for others, they seem inured to that condition and even yawned drowsily and dozed at a certain shady place. Sometimes, silence indeed is music to those who is badly upset by the annoyance of the noises.
Although there are still many reasons leading to noise pollution, the country-wide noise that took place are mainly caused by the extremely lax of enforcement by the authorities. As a matter of fact, noises occur due to lack of knowledge about the causes and effects of it. It affects both health and behaviour. Unwanted sound (noise) can damage psychological health. It can cause hypertension; high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances and other harmful effects. Noise laws and ordinances should exist widely in cities. They may contain a general prohibition against making noise that is a nuisance, or it may set out specific guidelines for daytime and for certain activities. Moreover, the authorities should disseminate information to the public regarding noise pollution and its adverse health effects and inquire the matters related to noise.
To conclude, we can say that the development of our country is made partly ugly by terrible noises and so, it is needed  prevent them as much as possible. Steps should also be taken to lessen the sufferings of the people affected by noise disturbance. Better city planning can help create “No-Noise’ Zones, where honking and industrial noise are not tolerated. Although there do not exist many solutions to reduce noise pollution, on a personal level, everybody can help reduce the noise. If the public understanding of noise pollution is complete, can the city take steps to eradicate it completely.


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