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July 07, 2020

2015 General Elections of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Victorious Pyithu Hluttaw candidates and results

No.Region/StateConstituencyVictorious MPParty/ IndependentTotal vote
1YangonLathaDaw Khin Moh Moh AungNational League for Democracy9905
2YangonSeikkanU Tin Maung WinNational League for Democracy726
3YangonInseinU Maung Maung OoNational League for Democracy99702
4YangonYankinDaw Zin Mar AungNational League for Democracy27392
5YangonThakaytaDr. Wai Phyo AungNational League for Democracy80523
6YangonDawbonU Htay Win (a) Pyone ChoNational League for Democracy22769
7YangonTamwayU Win MyintNational League for Democracy60408
8YangonPazundaungU Myint LwinNational League for Democracy19129
9YangonAhlonU Ye LwinNational League for Democracy19226
10YangonLanmadawU Khin Muang WinNational League for Democracy17177
11YangonKamayutU Kyaw MinNational League for Democracy29418
12YangonDagonDr. Thet Thet KhaingNational League for Democracy8431
13BagoShwedaungDaw Mya Khwa Nyo OoNational League for Democracy53589
14MandalayAmarapuraU Soe Myint (a) U Aung Zaw MyintNational League for Democracy87535
15MandalayMadayaU Zaw Min LwinNational League for Democracy94369
16MandalaySinguDr Zaw Win MyintNational League for Democracy54364
17MandalayKyaukseDr Tin AungNational League for Democracy79256
18MandalayMeiktilaDr Maung ThinUnion Development and Solidarity Party96314
19MandalayMahlaingU Hla Tun AungNational League for Democracy41674
20YangonMingaladonU Aung Hlaing WinNational League for Democracy69141
21YangonThongwaDaw Su Su LwinNational League for Democracy49616
22YangonDalaDr Sein Mya AyeNational League for Democracy54144
23YangonKyauktadaU Nay Myo HtetNational League for Democracy13136
24YangonKyimyindineU Zaw WinNational League for Democracy38464
25YangonHlineU Aung Kyaw Kyaw OoNational League for Democracy61674
26Shan HopanU Kyin WanWa Democratic Party6039
27ShanMongyangU Sai SamUnion Development and Solidarity Party2113
28AyeyawadyNyaungdonU Ohn LwinNational League for Democracy73777
29KachinIngyanyanU Lama Naw AungKachin State Democracy Party439
30KayahBawlakheU Aye MaungUnion Solidarity and Development Party2743
31KayahMeiseiU Than Lin LinNational League for Democracy1616
32TaninthayiLaunglonDaw Khin SandiNational League for Democracy44773
33TaninthayiThayetchaungU Aung SoeNational League for Democracy34551
34MagwayYenanchaungU Tha Cho (a) U Tin KyaingNational League for Democracy52061
35MagwaySalinU Kan OoNational League for Democracy88276
36MagwayThayetU Kan MyintNational League for Democracy38491
37MagwayMindonDaw Khin Than NuNational League for Democracy22434
38MandalayMahaaungmyeU Nyein Thit (a) U Thaung TunNational League for Democracy93174
39MandalayPyigyidagunU Kyaw Soe LinNational League for Democracy63849
40MandalayTada UDaw Soe Nwe AyeNational League for Democracy49559
41MandalayKyaukpadaungU Shwe KoNational League for Democracy96223
42MandalayWundwinU Khin Maung SoeNational League for Democracy74974
43MonThanbyuzayatU Nyan HeinNational League for Democracy23889
44MonMudonU Saw TunNational League for Democracy28663
45YangonHtantabinU Nay Myo TunNational League for Democracy37917
46YangonNorth OkkalapaDr Than WinNational League for Democracy104490
47YangonBotahtaungDaw Myint Myint Soe (a) May SoeNational League for Democracy16419
48YangonKungyangonU Soe Thura TunNational League for Democracy42144
49YangonSangyoungU Bo Bo OoNational League for Democracy37609
50YangonBahanU Tun MyintNational League for Democracy31032
51AyeyawadyZalunU Aung MinNational League for Democracy52956
52AyeyawadyLaymyethnaU Zaw Min TheinNational League for Democracy34312
53AyeyawadyKhanginU Tun Lin MawNational League for Democracy39096
54AyeyawadyIngapuU Aye WinNational League for Democracy62819
55KayahDimawhsoU Paul HsaiNational League for Democracy19631
56KayahShadawDaw Wint Wah TunNational League for Democracy1575
57ChinTiddimU Ciin Shin HtanZomi Congress for Democracy14967
58BagoThayawadyU Aung MyintNational League for Democracy43274
59MagwayMagwayU Myint OoNational League for Democracy107580
60MagwayTaungdwingyiU Min TheinNational League for Democracy86116
61MagwayMyothitU Tha AungNational League for Democracy56718
62MagwayNatmaukU Aung Tin LinNational League for Democracy83081
63MagwayMinbuU Win WinNational League for Democracy72093
64MagwayPwintbyuU Tun TunNational League for Democracy60975
65MagwayKanmaU Sein HanNational League for Democracy27593
66MagwaySinbaungweU Nay Htet WinNational League for Democracy39905
67MagwayAunglanU Aung Htoo MyintNational League for Democracy86085
68MagwaySeikpyuU Aung ThaikNational League for Democracy31806
69MagwaySawU Kyaw TinNational League for Democracy30966
70MandalayPatheingyiU Thaung Htay LinNational League for Democracy71641
71MonMawlamyineU Naing Thaung NyuntNational League for Democracy75151
72MonChaungzonDaw Khin Htay KyweNational League for Democracy23580
73YangonMingala TaungnyuntDaw Phyu Phyu ThinNational League for Democracy51970
74YangonCocogyunThura U Thet SweUnion Solidarity and Development Party1204
75ShanKalawDaw Pyone Kathay NaingNational League for Democracy46537
76ShanYwanganU Aung Soe MinNational League for Democracy17183
77ShanLaikhaU Sai MonShan Nationalities League for Democracy13051
78ShanLangkhoU Sai Ba TheinShan Nationalities League for Democracy9010
79ShanNawngkhioU Tun Aung (a) U Tun Tun HeinNational League for Democracy21200
80ShanLaukkaiU Lu Tei Hong (a) Aung ShweUnion Solidarity and Development Party7194
81AyeyawadyKangyidauntU Shwe Hla KyaingNational League for Democracy46909
82AyeyawadyThabaungU Thein TunNational League for Democracy41291
83AyeyawadyKyonpyawU Soe Aung NaingNational League for Democracy78593
84AyeyawadyYekyiDr San Shwe WinNational League for Democracy65315
85AyeyawadyMyanaungU Khin Maung LattNational League for Democracy75588
86AyeyawadyMaubinU Sein WinNational League for Democracy82118
87AyeyawadyKyaiklatU Yan LinNational League for Democracy48984
88AyeyawadyDedayeDr Daw Khin NyoNational League for Democracy61231
89KachinWaingmawU Lagan Zel JoneNational League for Democracy11978
90KachinPakhantU Tint SoeNational League for Democracy30350
91KachinShweguU Zarni MinNational League for Democracy22054
92KachinMachanbawU Nan Mon HtinUnion Solidarity and Development Party1435
93KayahLoikawDr Khin SithuNational League for Democracy33344
94KayahPruhsoU Pei DuNational League for Democracy6363
95KayahPasawngDaw Nang Htwe ThuNational League for Democracy2471
96KayinThandaunggyiU Saw Victor KhalaikNational League for Democracy13247
97ChinHakaU Hni Ya OakNational League for Democracy10605
98ChinThantlangDaw Ni Shwe LienNational League for Democracy8746
99SagaingMyinmuU Soe San Thet TunNational League for Democracy43724
100SagaingMyaungU Htay NgweNational League for Democracy48665
101SagaingWetletU Myint TheinNational League for Democracy86819
102SagaingDabayinU Win Myint AungNational League for Democracy61472
103SagaingMonywaU Thant Sin MaungNational League for Democracy167865
104SagaingBudalinU Myint Han TunNational League for Democracy50739
105SagaingChaungUU MyoNational League for Democracy43535
106SagaingKaniU Tun Tun NaingNational League for Democracy57700
107BagoBagoDr Daw Shwe PonNational League for Democracy179190
108BagoThanatpinU Myint OoNational League for Democracy38554
109BagoWawU Tin HtweNational League for Democracy47650
110BagoNyaunglebinDr Myint TheinNational League for Democracy56282
111BagoKyaukdagaU Khin Maung OoNational League for Democracy67352
112BagoToungooU Khin Maung ThanNational League for Democracy76617
113BagoKyaukkyiU Myint NgweNational League for Democracy17524
114BagoOttwinDaw Cho ChoNational League for Democracy44350
115BagoPantanawDaw Khin Hnein ThitNational League for Democracy49769
116BagoPaungdeU Aye Min Aung (a) U Min MinNational League for Democracy52703
117BagoLetpadanU Kyaw MinNational League for Democracy63285
118BagoMinhlaDr. Than Aung SoeNational League for Democracy43195
119MagwayNgapheU Soe Myint (a) U Soe LwinNational League for Democracy21842
120MagwaySedoktaraU Kyaw Aung LwinNational League for Democracy16999
121MagwayMinhlaU Kyaw Gyi (a) Ohn KhinNational League for Democracy41838
122MagwayYesagyoU Toe Shwe (a) Dr. Tin Htay Aung National League for Democracy78439
123MagwayMyaingU Aung Khin WinNational League for Democracy94477
124MandalayPyin Oo LwinDr. Aung KhinNational League for Democracy56519
125MandalayNatogyiU Naing Htoo AungNational League for Democracy58319
126MandalayPyawbweU Thaung AyeUnion Solidarity and Development Party82382
127MonKyaikmarawU Saw Kyaw Win MaungNational League for Democracy21447
128MonPaungDaw Mi Kun ChanNational League for Democracy32831
129MonKyaiktoDr. Khin SaungNational League for Democracy42139
130MonBilinU Tin Ko Ko Oo (a) AtukNational League for Democracy35341
131YangonSouth OkkalapaDr. Saw NaingNational League for Democracy67291
132YangonDagon Myothit (North)Dr. Khin Maung MaungNational League for Democracy74762
133YangonDagon Myothit (South)U Aye NaingNational League for Democracy90122
134YangonKyauktanDawAye Mya Mya MyoNational League for Democracy45065
135YangonTwantayU Myint LwinNational League for Democracy64663
136YangonKawhmuDaw Aung San Suu KyiNational League for Democracy54676
137Shan PindayaU Soe MyintNational League for Democracy21638
138ShanKyaukmeU Sai Tun AungShan Nationalities League for Democracy38058
139ShanMabeinU Aung Myint SheinNational League for Democracy6439
140ShanMuseU Sai Pho MyatShan Nationalities League for Democracy22294
141ShanMonghsetU Sai KhattiyaUnion Solidarity and Development Party8876
142ShanMongtonU Aung Kyaw Oo (a) U Kyaw OoNational League for Democracy8040
143ShanMongyanU Sai Tun AungNational League for Democracy7477
144Ayeyawady HinthadaU Khin Maung YiNational League for Democracy114163
145AyeyawadyEinmeDaw ThandaNational League for Democracy39428
146AyeyawadyPantanawU Mahn Nyunt TheinNational League for Democracy62780
147AyeyawadyDanubyuU Tin HlaNational League for Democracy62850
148AyeyawadyPyaponU Win HtutNational League for Democracy72369
149AyeyawadyBogaleU Min ThaingNational League for Democracy61763
150KachinChipweU Zone TeintUnion Solidarity and Development Party4446
151KachinMohnyinDaw San San EiNational League for Democracy50410
152KachinMogaungU Win NaingNational League for Democracy24048
153KachinMansiU Chin Phay LinNational League for Democracy6697
154KachinSumprabumU Lone Jon San MaiNational League for Democracy435
155KayinHlaingbweU Khin ChoNational League for Democracy31290
156KayinPapunU Tun Mya Aung (a) U Saw Tun Mya AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party5231
157KayinMyawadyU Sein BoNational League for Democracy21738
158ChinTonzangU Khan Khant HtanZomi Congress for Democracy4228
159ChinMindatU Nay Lin AungNational League for Democracy8206
160SagaingKhin UDr. Win AungNational League for Democracy55489
161SagaingYe UDr. Min TheinNational League for Democracy47468
162SagaingTazeU Myint TunNational League for Democracy63758
163SagaingPaleDaw Khin San HlaingNational League for Democracy54749
164SagaingIndawDr. Daw PyoneNational League for Democracy39112
165SagaingWunthoU Nay Soe AungNational League for Democracy22335
166SagaingMinginU Maung MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party33021
167SagaingTamuU Naing Naing WinNational League for Democracy25112
168SagaingPhaungpyinU Tun WaiNational League for Democracy27568
169SagaingKhamtiU Aung Than SeinNational League for Democracy6931
170BagoHtantabinU Zaw WinNational League for Democracy29309
171BagoPaukkaungDaw Ni Ni DunNational League for Democracy39807
172BagoThegonU Aung ThanNational League for Democracy52023
173BagoZigonU Nyan TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party24952
174MagwayChaukU Bo GyiNational League for Democracy77665
175MagwayPakokkuU Pike KoNational League for Democracy120220
176MagwayPaukU Ye Tun WinNational League for Democracy52139
177MagwayGangawDaw Yin Min HlaingNational League for Democracy57646
178MagwayHtilinU Myat Lay OoNational League for Democracy19786
179MandalayAungmyethazanDr. Hla MoeNational League for Democracy87375
180MandalayChanayethazanU Myo NaingNational League for Democracy81593
181MandalayMyitthaDr U Lin Lin KyawNational League for Democracy65937
182MandalayMyingyanU Thet Lwin (a) Paw KhinNational League for Democracy113644
183MandalayNgazunU Min TheinNational League for Democracy46863
184MonThatonDaw Mar Mar KhaingNational League for Democracy48283
185RakhinePonnagyunU Oo Tun MaungArakan National Party32465
186RakhineYathedaungDaw Khin Saw WaiArakan National Party38751
187RakhineKyaukpyuU Ba SheinArakan National Party27138
188RakhineThandweU Min KyiNational League for Democracy23551
189YangonThingangyunU Shwe Hla (a) U Shwe Hla WinNational League for Democracy76970
190YangonThanlyinU Lwin Ko LattNational League for Democracy70380
191YangonKayanDr Aye MinNational League for Democracy46792
192YangonMayangonDr May Win MyintNational League for Democracy69795
193ShanTaunggyiDr Daw Than NgweNational League for Democracy65799
194ShanNyaungshweU Win Myint Oo (a) U Nay MyoNational League for Democracy49965
195ShanYaksawkU Khin Maung MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party32638
196ShanPekhonU Po MaungNational League for Democracy20475
197ShanLoilemU Khin Maung ThiUnion Solidarity and Development Party15925
198ShanKunhingDaw Nang Khin SawShan Nationalities League for Democracy7661
199ShanMongkaiU Sai Hsai MongShan Nationalities League for Democracy12235
200ShanMongnaiU Sai San TheinShan Nationalities League for Democracy9642
201ShanMaukmaiU Sai Ngaung Hsai HeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party5590
202ShanMongpanU Sai Kyaw MoeUnion Solidarity and Development Party3453
203ShanHsenwiU Sai Oo KhamShan Nationalities League for Democracy8483
204ShanTangyanU Sai Maung Pwint (a) U Aung PwintShan Nationalities League for Democracy19749
205ShanMongyaiU Sai Thiha KyawShan Nationalities League for Democracy14402
206ShanNamtuDaw Nang Kham AyeShan Nationalities League for Democracy8180
207ShanMomeikU Toe ThaungNational League for Democracy14607
208ShanKunglonU Yang Kyin KanKokang Democracy and Unity Party5097
209ShanKongyanU Li Kyein Phu (a) Myint SweUnion Solidarity and Development Party5206
210ShanMetmangU Tin AyeIndependent4308
211AyeyawadyPatheinU Wai Hlaing TunNational League for Democracy96428
212AyeyawadyNgaputawU Than AungNational League for Democracy68345
213AyeyawadyMyaungmyaDr Soe Moe ThuNational League for Democracy81147
214AyeyawadyWakemaU Zaw TheinNational League for Democracy67020
215AyeyawadyLabuttaDr Aye KyuNational League for Democracy77165
216AyeyawadyMawlamyinegyunU Win SweNational League for Democracy67066
217KachinBhamoU Aung TheinNational League for Democracy29042
218KachinPutaoU Moe ShweNational League for Democracy11529
219KayinKawkareikU Soe HtayNational League for Democracy21728
220KayinKya-in-SekkyiU Saw Tin WinNational League for Democracy11551
221ChinFalamDr. Salai Rian Vel (a) Salai Ran VelNational League for Democracy13487
222SagaingAyadawDr. Khin Maung ThinNational League for Democracy67717
223SagaingYinmabinU Aung SoeNational League for Democracy55309
224BagoDaik UU Phone Myint AungNational League for Democracy58525
225BagoNattalinU Khin Aye National League for Democracy69658
226MandalaySingaingDr. Kyi Moh Moh LwinNational League for Democracy58952
227MandalayNyaung UU SawNational League for Democracy98978
228MandalayThaziU Than Soe Union Solidarity and Development Party59837
229MonYeDr. Aung Tun Khine (a) U Chein WinNational League for Democracy30406
230YangonHleguU Thein TanNational League for Democracy66653
231YangonShwepyithaU Nyan LinNational League for Democracy104129
232YangonDagon Myothit (Seikkan)U Kyaw WinNational League for Democracy27378
233YangonSeikkyi/Khanaung toU Tin Tun NaingNational League for Democracy8392
234ShanHopongU Khun Aung Kyaw Pa-O National Organisation35746
235ShanHsihsengU Khun Than HtooPa-O National Organisation45244
236ShanNamhsanU Htay Lwin (a) U Di LoneUnion Solidarity and Development Party14211
237ShanLashioDr. Sai Mauk Kham Union Solidarity and Development Party30909
238ShanHsipaw U Sai Thant ZinShan Nationalities League for Democracy47105
239ShanMantonDaw Nang Moe Ta-aung ( Palaung) National Party10443
240ShanMongkhatU Sei Ki KawUnion Solidarity and Development Party3403
241ShanMongpingU Sai Tun SeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party7580
242ShanTachilekU Htay WinNational League for Democracy30040
243ShanMongphyatU Lin Zaw TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party47105
244KachinTanaiU Lin Lin OoNational League for Democracy5076
245KachinHsawlawU Lar Mar LayLisu National Development Party897
246KachinMoemaukU Win AungNational League for Democracy8627
247Chin KanpetletU San KhinNational League for Democracy3484
248TaninthayiDaweiU Aung SeinNational League for Democracy43574
249TaninthayiMyeikU Soe Paing HtayNational League for Democracy89325
250TaninthayiPulawU Ohn KhinNational League for Democracy37741
251BagoKawaU Hla ThanNational League for Democracy50926
252BagoShwegyinU Saw Thalay SawNational League for Democracy22067
253BagoYedasheU Kyi Moe NaingNational League for Democracy45052
254BagoPyuU Thant NyuntNational League for Democracy54770
255BagoPyayDr Khin Soe Soe KyiNational League for Democracy90708
256MandalayTaungthaU Sit AyeNational League for Democracy64323
257MandalayYamethinU Ko Ko NaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party71924
258Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryZeyathiriU Hla Htay WinUnion Solidarity and Development party36704
259Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryPobbathiriU Yi Mon (a) Maung Tin ThitNational League for Democracy27321
260Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryOttarathiriU Kyaw Min HlaingNational League for Democracy16914
261Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryZabuthiriU Phyo Zeyar Thaw (a) Zeyar ThawNational League for Democracy23750
262Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryDekkhinathiriU Thant Zin TunNational League for Democracy9421
263Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryPyinmanaU Than Soe AungNational League for Democracy45799
264Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryTatkonU Kyaw TintNational League for Democracy47424
265Nay Pyi Taw Union TerritoryLeweU Myo Zaw OoNational League for Democracy57439
266Rakhine SittwayU Maung Thein Khaing Arakan National Party44027
267YangonTaikkyiU Kyaw MyintNational League for Democracy 86293
268YangonDagon Myothit (East)Dr Myo AungNational League for Democracy56086
269ShanPinlaungU Khun Maung ThaungPa-O National Organization (PNO) Party69250
270Shan NamsanU Win HtooTa-aung (Palaung) National Party20607
271ShanNamkhamU Tun KyawTa-aung (Palaung) National Party20323
272ShanKutkaiU T Khun MyatUnion Solidarity and Development Party25251
273ShanKengtungU StephenUnion Solidarity and Development Party18987
274AyeyawadyKyaunggonU Thein TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party40033
275KayinHpa-anDaw Nang Than ThanLwinNational League for Democracy71281
276SagaingKanbaluDr. Hlaing Myint HanNational League for Democracy80345
277SagaingKyunhlaU Tun WinNational League for Democracy34328
278SagaingSalingyiU Win Thein ZawNational League for Democracy56403
279SagaingKathaU Myint KyiNational League for Democracy43007
280SagaingHtigyaingU Maung MaungNational League for Democracy37998
281SagaingBamaukU Kyaw SoeNational League for Democracy28863
282SagaingKawlinU Myo Zaw AungNational League for Democracy61223
283SagaingKalayDaw Aye Aye Mu (a) Shar MeeNational League for Democracy103049
284SagaingMawlaikDaw Cho Cho WinNational League for Democracy14406
285SagaingHomalinU Myo NyuntNational League for Democracy36206
286SagaingLeshiU Kyaw HtayNational League for Democracy4687
287TaninthayiYebyuU Thet Naing OoNational League for Democracy31216
288TaninthayiKawthoungU Khin ZawNational League for Democracy30978
289BagoOkpoU Zaw MinNational League for Democracy44743
290BagoMonyoU Kyaw Myo MinNational League for Democracy42504
291BagoGyobingaukU Htay Min TheinNational League for Democracy40858
292MandalayChanmyathaziDr Sai Hla TheinNational League for Democracy92186
293RakhineMaungtawU Hla Tun KyawArakan National Party9000
294RakhineButhidaungU Aung Thaung ShweArakan National Party12018
295RakhineYanbyeU Kyaw ShweArakan National Party19650
296YangonHmawbyU Aung WinNational League for Democracy60693
297YangonHlinethayaDr Than MyintNational League for Democracy103832
298YangonPabedanU Nay Phu Ba SweNational League for Democracy13567
299ChinPalatwaU Sein AungNational League for Democracy21215
300SagaingSagaingU Khin Maung TheinNational League for Democracy113202
301ShweboSagaingDr A Zin LattNational League for Democracy99758
302SagaingPinlebuU Min NaungNational League for Democracy36215
303SagaingKalewaU Than Tun MyintNational League for Democracy14593
304TaninthayiTaninthayiU Aung Kyaw HeinNational League for Democracy33141
305MandalayMogokU Aung Naing (a) Naing Ngan KyawNational League for Democracy45436
306BagoKawaU Hla ThanNational League for Democracy50926
307RakhinePauktawU Aung Kyaw ZanArakan National Party40843
308RakhineGwaU Myint WaiNational League for Democracy22263
309KachinMyitkyinaU Inhton Kha Naw SamNational League for Democracy48961
310ChinMatupiU Pan HtanNational League for Democracy8481
311TaninthayiKyunsuDaw Tin Tin YiNational League for Democracy45314
312TaninthayiBokpyinU Nay Lin TunNational League for Democracy18375
313RakhineManaungU Tin Nu (a) Tin Nu AungNational League for Democracy13198
314RakhineAnU Thein SweUnion Solidarity and Development Party13037
315RakhineTaungupDaw Ni Ni May MyintNational League for Democracy28134
316SagaingLaheU Thet NaungNational League for Democracy11564
317SagaingNanyunU One HlaNational League for Democracy13284
318RakhineMyaukUU U Saw HlaArakan National Party67030
319RakhineKyauktawU U Tun WinArakan National Party55725
320RakhineMinbyaU Sid NaingArakan National Party45047
321RakhineMyaybonU Pe ThanArakan National Party25345


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