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May 28, 2020

18-year-old wild elephant found dead in Taikkyi

Authorities inspect an elephant carcass in Taikkyi Township. Photo: Supplied
Authorities inspect an elephant carcass in Taikkyi Township. Photo: Supplied

An 18-year-old wild elephant was found dead at 8 am on 8 January in Myauk Hlaing Yoma No.21, located in the southern part of Kunteemyaung Village, Palonbudar Village-tract, Taikkyi Township.
Following a tip, Palonbudar village administrator U San Tun Aung, three other 100 household supervisors, officers from the Taikkyi Myoma police station, seven officials from the forest department, veterinary doctor U Phyo Thu Aung, and other members on the administrator’s team rushed to the spot to identify the carcass of the elephant.
The male elephant measured 7 feet in height, had a 6-feet-long spine, and its trunk was 4 feet long with a circumference of 9 feet. The elephant is believed to have been electrocuted, said officials, who are currently making arrangements to incinerate the carcass.
“Private sugarcane farms have installed electric fencing without permission to protect their farms from elephants. The Elephants Emergency Response Unit (EERU) has been removing illegal electric fences erected in paddy fields. The dead elephant was found near a sugarcane farm. We cannot say anything yet about the cause of death, because we are still conducting an investigation,” said the village administrator.
“I have visited the spot. We found electric fencing in the area. They have no permissions. Our team hasn’t erected electric fencing in this place. Wherever we have set up electric fencing in paddy fields, we have done so with the permission of the administrator and farmers. We are hiring experts to protect elephants and humans from conflict. We found some worms inside the elephant’s trunk. The case is under investigation,” said U Khin Maung Gyi, the person in-charge of EERU, which has been removing unauthorized electric fencing.
In 2019, no elephant deaths were reported in Taikkyi Township. —Tun Tun (Translated by Hay Mar)


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