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July 17, 2020

130-year-old generator in Nabar to become tourist attraction

130-year-old generator.
130-year-old generator.

SITUATED beside Sawhmaw Creek, Nabar Village in Katha District could become a popular tourist attraction if the 130-year-old generator in the town can be showcased for public observation, residents have said.
According to locals the England-made 25 hp generator was installed 130 years ago at the station to power a railway business in the village. Since then the generator has produced power to supply local businesses from 6 p.m to the early morning hours. The generator has been out of commission for many years due to a lack of spare parts.
“International visitors wish to observe the antiquated generator but the authorities only showcase the tank and do not permit viewing the generator engine,” said a resident pushing for the local authorities to showcase the generator to benefit the region and tourism sector as well as Myanmar’s railways industry.
Located in Indaw Township in Katha District, Nabar Village-tract, which covers six villages and four wards, has a population of around 50,000. An old colonial railroad line named the Nabar-Katha township to township railroad line was opened in 1895. The Myitkyina Railroad was established in 1898.
The 150 foot tank was constructed to supply water to locomotives with the use of a system to draw water from Sawhmaw Creek without the use of motors. The railway station has used the tank to run its daily business since then.


Ngwe Oh (Katha)


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