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February 27, 2018

Yumi Katsura International bridal store opens in Yangon

Yumi Katsura being greeted at the opening ceremony.
Yumi Katsura being greeted at the opening ceremony.

THE Yumi Katsura International company opened a bridal salon in Sule Plaza, Yangon, yesterday.
Yumi Katsura is a Japanese wedding dress designer with an international reputation for her artistry.
“I was fascinated by the traditional wedding dresses in Myanmar. While the world is progressing toward the standardisation of wedding dresses, traditional
culture is alive in Myanmar. This luxurious longyi style should be kept. I want to support and preserve but also to modernise this traditional style using my design skills” She told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
The Yumi Katsura bridal salon, which is partnered with Myanmar Lion Myanmar International Inc, will both sell and rent out wedding dresses made in Japan while also providing wedding planning services.


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