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February 27, 2018

Youths, flowers and etiolated plan

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • A youth is often likened to a flower on account of their similar characteristics. Flowers are very delicate, hence the need to be touched with care. If not, they can be easily damaged. And, they need careful nurturing so that they can grow well. For a plant to grow into a shady tree, it needs light, water, good soil and caring. So, a gardener needs to fulfill these needs. For example, he has to adapt the soil if necessary for starting viniculture on his land. Without water, plants cannot survive so he must water them regularly. He must clear or cut branches that will hinder the sun from casting sunlight onto these plants. Without careful nurturing, these vine plants will not bear grapes well.
    In the same way, children and youths need good nurturing. They need gardener-like caretakers such as parents and teachers, and the government itself. We, the gardeners are responsible for fulfilling other needs. Schools, universities, colleges, academic institutions and work places are in fact nurturing grounds which are of great importance. Some may think as to why work places are enlisted as nurturing grounds. Today, most of the youths are working in government services, State-run or privately owned companies and factories. Actually, they are not yet mature in knowledge, skills and competency. They need to be well equipped with these abilities gradually, because they will have to shoulder duties and responsibilities of today’s statesmen and dignitaries one day. They will have yet to try their best to accumulate these qualifications. So, plans for upgrading their capabilities should be promptly implemented, without delay. Grass growing exuberantly nearby may hinder the growth of plants, so they are required to be mowed or cut. Likewise, our youths should have a good environment. Young persons living near debauched ones, hooligans and depraved or dissolute people can be contaminated with evil minds. Any destructive elements can blacken pure white minds of our younger generation so that their strength and intellects can be spoiled completely.
    We firmly believe in the abilities and capacities of youths. Had school-age children who had been on roads been educated, they would have given us a thing of worth in return. Some of our veterans have wide knowledge and experiences. At such a time when we are marching towards a modern, developed Federal Democratic Union, we need many youths who are willing and ready to accept the above-said knowledge and experiences to be inherited from these doyens. Unless we fulfill the urgently needed requirements in time, our country will face a shortage of able persons.
    We want a better society, or rather the best one, but when it comes to getting ourselves assigned to help the government accomplish the task of nurturing able persons, we should not be conspicuous by our absence. Hand in hand with the government, we must mow wild grass, take out their roots if necessary, that is to say, to get rid of the evil deeds of subversive elements. What we must keep in our mind is to clear the branches of the trees that hinder our plants from getting sunlight. If we do this, in the same way that the plants will never become etiolated, our youths will grow up to become strong, able and upright citizens of our country.


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