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February 26, 2018

Youths and Freedom

Youths are very important for each and every country, as they will be leaders of those countries in the future. It is for sure a fact that all leaders of the world were once youths. However, leaders of some countries are able to lead their countries to prosperity, while others are dragging their countries into chaos and poverty.
Therefore, it is worth studying how these leaders were nurtured when they were young. What did they learn at an early age? How did they grow up? When they grow up with delusions, it is highly unlikely that they will lead a country into prosperity.
Therefore, it is important that youth of every country are free of delusions and understand their world as truly as they can. Youths should not be a wing of a particular political party and they should be left for the people and the country.
If delusions are instilled into youths, the future of a country will be as murky as the past experiences of a country. Youths should be allowed to think freely without the influence of the people who are biased to certain political concepts, parties or powerful groups in a society. They should be guided towards the interests of a country, a people or the world.
In the history of Myanmar, various youth organisations with outstanding students such as Lanzin Youths, Shayhsaung Youths and Teza Youths were established. They grew in strength while the ruling class had power, but they disappeared when the ruling class collapsed.
Myanma Boys Scouts, which is not a youth wing of a certain political party, celebrated their centennial at the Diamond Jubilee Hall of Yangon University yesterday. The Global New Light of Myanmar wishes the youths across the entire country freedom of thought.


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