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March 02, 2018

Your might is your right to make peace a reality

MORE than half a century of internal armed conflict has brought Myanmar’s development to a standstill in many areas. This situation acts as a painful reminder that the absence of social justice is a major threat to peace in society.
Negotiation alone cannot solve any conflict. It is important to understand that negotiation is one thing, and compromise is another. Despite decades of negotiation between the conflicting parties, peace is not yet in sight. It is imperative for the army and the ethnic armed organisations to formulate action plans dedicated to creating a society devoid of discrimination and exploitation in any form.
In addition, justice alone cannot guarantee the restoration of peace and equality. It is justice with fairness that matters most in working for peace and harmony in our country, which is home to a diversity of ethnic communities.
The onus is on all stakeholders to ensure that no lives are lost to pointless conflict. If you want peace, choose it.
Obviously, the restoration of peace requires one hundred per cent commitment. Now is the most opportune time for our country, as a nascent democracy, to build a culture of peace that can foster the wellbeing of our brethren across the country.
Most importantly, it is time to for all of us to work in concert through inspired interaction to make peace a practical reality.


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