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May 19, 2019

YCDC shuts down old Thiri Mingalar automobile market

A worker washes a car at the old Thiri Mingalar automobile market in Yangon. Photo: Aye Min Soe

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) has shut down the old Thiri Mingalar automobile market because the building is now over 20 years old and poses a great danger to the public, officials said.
“The building of Thiri Mingalar market was owned by the YCDC. We have also declared that the building is dangerous for the local people on 17 August. Therefore, we have already ordered the automobile dealers to move out as soon as possible,” said an official from YCDC.
If the automobile dealers have difficulty finding a place for parking their cars, they can park them at Hlaing automobile market, Than Thumar automobile market and Aung Mingalar highway bus terminal, officials said. There are three automobile markets in Yangon Region — Thiri Mingalar automobile market, Hlaing automobile market and Than Thumar automobile market. Currently, over 700 cars are being parked at Thiri Mingalar automobile market.


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