September 20, 2017

Yangon’s traffic lights to be upgraded

YANGON City Development Committee said on Wednesday that 154 traffic lights in Yangon Municipality will be upgraded to ease traffic congestion in the commercial capital.
The new traffic lights will feature CCTV cameras and will be linked to each other via a control tower that will be constructed as part of the project, a spokesperson from YCDC’s information department told The Global New Light of Myanmar on 2 September.
The three-storey control tower will be constructed on a 100 square foot area in Peoples’ Park. Construction work is expected to begin in November and the tower is scheduled to be completed within three months.
The upgrade will ensure a smoother flow of traffic and prevent unnecessary build-ups of vehicles, the spokesperson said.
YCDC is injecting K20 billion (US$15.6 million) of the state’s reserve budget into the Design, Installation and Commissioning of Yangon Comprehensive Traffic Control System, which is targeted to be completed in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, said YCDC’s Secretary U Kyaw Soe at a pre-tender meeting at YCDC with companies on Tuesday.
YCDC has almost finished laying out underground cables for the purposes of the project, he added. So far 54 companies, including local and joint-venture firms, have bought tender forms, of which 28 attended the pre-tender meeting with YCDC.
YCDC will require the new traffic lights to have at least one hour of backup power so as to prevent traffic lights failing when electricity supplies are cut from the grid.
The spokesperson did not disclose how many companies will be selected to roll-out the project in the four municipal districts, or the date of the tender submission deadline.
The spokesperson said that the municipality has 188 traffic lights in the municipal area, of which 11 have already been upgraded with the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The Japanese technology collects traffic data, sends it to the central control system and runs traffic lights without assistance from traffic police.—GNLM


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