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June 23, 2018

Yangon Waterboom opens without a splash

Yangon Waterboom Park in Thakayta.
Yangon Waterboom Park in Thakayta.

THE much anticipated Yangon Waterboom park has had to close its door for a month, the day after they were officially opened, because of problems with its water filtration system, it is known.
“[We’ve had to close] because the water filtration system disconnected from the system which circulates water around the park. Foreign experts have been called to come and fix the problem. So, it could take between a week or two, to a month [before the park can be reopened].” said U Ye Wint, an employee of Yangon Waterboom’s events and entertainment department.
Yangon Waterboom published an official press release which stated that Indonesia and Chinese experts are currently making repairs to the water treatment and operation systems and that they are sorry the general public had to experience malfunctions with their water filtration system at the time of the park’s official opening.
A barrage of complaints appeared on social media website Facebook almost as soon as the park had opened, criticising a lack of water on the water flumes; dirty, stagnant water, along with poor customer service. Yangon Waterboom officially opened to the public on March 2 before closing its doors the following day.


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