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May 20, 2019

Yangon University Gangaw Village Pearl Jubilee Art Exhibition

Gangaw village Pearl jubilee Art Exhibition at Yangon University.

In order to hail the 100th Anniversary of Yangon University, Gangaw Village Pearl jubilee Art Exhibition was held on 18-23 February, 2019 at the Recreation centre, Yangon University.
Yangon University, formerly known as Rangoon Arts and Sciences University (RASU) , is one of the prestigious Universities in the world and it has been in existence for nearly a hundred years. It had been founded in 1920.The 100th Anniversary of Yangon University is just around the corner. Yangon University provides not only knowledge but also extra curricula activities to all students during academic years.
The students studying different majors can also study or participate or join Music Association, Art Club, Sports Club, Hiking and Mountaineering Association, University Boat Club, University Singing Club, UTC (University Training Corps ). Under the management and arrangement of the faculty members, the clubs or associations are opened for the students to join and take part in the said clubs and associations in accordance with their hobby or interest.
Among them , Yangon University Art and Culture Association is also included. The association contributes to the University students those who have hobbies and talents of singing, dancing, art of performance and painting. This Association gave birth to the Yangon University Painting Club. Thus, the Yangon University Painting Club and the Gangaw Village Art Group are intertwined. They are inextricable because the painting teachers of Yangon University and other colleges produced the amateur artists of University students. Even then the painting teachers and students sponsor the activities of the Gangaw Village Art Exhibition.

The paintings drawn by alumni and students of Universities are being displayed.

Gangaw (Mesua ferrea : ကံ့ေကာ္ပန္း) represents Yangon University (formerly known as RASU ) as the compound is abundantly filled with Gangaw Trees(က့ံေကာ္ပင္) which are in blossom seasonally. Village here denotes the fraternity of the art group members those who are university students learning art of painting in the Yangon University Painting Club. For each and every Gangaw Village (ကံ့ေကာ္ရြာ) Art Exhibition, one of the members is usually nominated as an organizer and all the members cooperate with him or her to conduct smooth and successful exhibition. They (the members) use to call the organizer of exhibition as The Gyee (သူျကီး ) and the group members as Ywar Thu YwarThar ( ရြာသူရြာသား ).The Gyee means village headman and Ywar Thu YwarThar means villagers in English. The activities of Gangaw Village Art Exhibition were held from 1979 till 2019 annually. However, the exhibitions were not held in some particular years within 40 year due to unfavorable circumstances. Nevertheless, Gangaw Village Art Exhibition could have been conducted for 30 times within 40 years. Gangaw Village Art Group has marked this year’s exhibition as Pearl Jubilee.Then, Gangaw Village Pearl jubilee Art Exhibition was held at Recreation Centre in the vicinity of Yangon University on 18-23 February, 2019. In previous years, the Gangaw Village Art Exhibitions had been held at the Institute of Medicine (1) Dome ( leik-khone Khanma : Turtleshell-shaped hall ) , Judson Centre, Lokanat Art Gallery and in the vicinity of RASU respectively.
In 1979, its first Art Exhibition with the title of Gangaw Village ( Literal meaning; A village filled with Mesua ferrea trees- က့ံေကာ္ပင္) was held at the Institute of Medicine (1) Dome ( leik-khone hall လိပ္ခံုးခန္းမ: Turtleshell shaped Hall ). Since then the Gangaw Village Art Exhibition has been conducted annually by the alumni of Yangon University those now being professional artists learned from Yangon University Painting Club. They learned from it and now they teach the new generation of the University students who have painting hobby. The painting teachers are from inter-institute such as YIT ( Yangon Institute of Technology ), Institute of Economics and Art and Fine Art Institute of Yangon. They voluntarily teach the selected and talented University students in the University Painting Club situated on the premises of Yangon University.
Significantly, Gangaw Village Art group got an opportunity to hold a Gangaw Village Art Exhibition in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the Art exhibition was held in February 2007. It was sponsored by Suvannabhumi Art gallery in Thailand. This was for the first time Gangaw Village Art Exhibition had ever been held in a foreign country. In 2012, with the name of ‘Freedom in Blossom Gangaw Village and Experimental Art in 1980s Burma ,the Art exhibition had been held at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuo in Japan. This was the second exhibition of Gangaw Village Art group held abroad. The said Art exhibition had been held from December 2012 to March 2013 which lasted for three months.
Whenever the Art Exhibition is held, the talented University and College alumni and the University Students put up their paintings in the Gangaw Village Art Exhibition. In addition, the paintings as well as sculptures on the exhibition are drawn or created by the alumni or Painting Club member students of University and colleges from Yangon. Actually, this Gangaw Village Art Exhibition is held independently. This means that every Gangaw Village Art Exhibition is sponsored and funded by the art group members. They do arrange by themselves for conducting the art exhibition at the specific places and ask permission for holding the art exhibition from the authorities concerned and the University faculty members concerned.
The work of art and the good intention of Gangaw Art group for generating the new generations to become brilliant artists from Yangon University are undoubtedly honored. Since Gangaw Village is a group of artists only from University level, they try to brighten or maintain the prestige , image and standard of Yangon University by producing their excellent art products. In other words, the respective Gangaw Village Art Exhibitions reflect or remind the people to be proud of the Yangon University known as RASU which is the invaluable institute of higher education for the tertiary students to learn various arts and sciences subjects indeed.
Many outstanding artists were originated from this Yangon University Painting Club and many more outstanding artists of Yangon University will appear if Gangaw Art Group make continuous efforts to encourage and teach art of painting to the new generation of Yangon University. Hopefully, the state, parents and the lovers of painting will support the activities of Gangaw Art Group assisting in Yangon University Painting Club voluntarily .
We should give credit to the Art / Painting teachers of Ganggaw Art Group who contribute their voluntary services to University Painting Club with goodwill and enthusiasm. The Gangaw Village Pearl Jubilee Art Exhibition was successfully held and the foreigners, people and all levels of students have enjoyed viewing the paintings with much enthusiasm. !

Credit; U Bar Bar kyaw (Yangon University Painting Teacher), U Myo Myint (The Gyee; Organizer for Gangaw Village Pearl Jubilee Art Exhibition ) and U San Min ( Gangaw Art Group Artist )


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