January 17, 2018

Yaba pills seized around the country

Caches of yaba pills are hidden in empty tanks. Photo:MPF
Caches of yaba pills are hidden in empty tanks. Photo:MPF

CACHES of stimulants were seized in three separate places on 28 May as part of the Myanmar Police Force’s 100-day plan to ensure security and the rule of law across the country.
After receiving a tip-off, a local drug squad in Mandalay seized over 21 million yaba pills worth K42.1 billion (US$35.5m) in a 12-wheeled truck driven by Aung Aung (a) Yay Saung Te on the Kaungkha-Kutkhai road in Muse. The driver of the truck said he was paid to transport the drugs to Mandalay. Further investigation showed that the owner of the drugs is a fugitive named Liu Zhi Xiao, who is also connected to the seizure of a different drug haul in Mandalay on 5 March. Police are still trying to arrest Liu Zhi Xiao and his partner, Aung San.
In Kengtung that same day, a drug squad searched a vehicle driven Aik Yi near the Naungpha checkpoint and discovered over 500,000 stimulant pills and 4,200 bahts. The seizures were valued at K1.2b (US$1m). In another incident, a drug squad in Yangon searched the house of Ma Mya Mya Thin in South Dagon Township and found 520 yaba pills.—Myanmar News Agency


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