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April 19, 2019

World’s largest drum on display at Nyaungyan style building

Workers prepare for housing world’s largest drum at the Kaunghmudaw pagoda in Sagaing. Photo: Ko Min (Indaw)

The world’s largest drum, which was carved in Indaw Township, was hanged in a building constructed in the style of the Nyaungyan period at the Kaunghmudaw pagoda in Sagaing on 27 March, said U Ni Tin, the Vice Chairman of the pagoda’s board of trustees.
The chief minister of Sagaing Region and other ministers took part in a ceremony on 19 March to place the drum on land belonging to the pagoda. They opened the ceremony by beating the drum. The drum was later shifted to the Nyaungyan style building on 27 March, according to the pagoda’s board of trustees.
“The building needs to be finished and other necessary arrangements have to be made. The drum opening ceremony will not be held as it was held on 19 March on land belonging to the Kaunghmudaw pagoda,” said U Ni Tin.
The Saya Pwel Myanmar Instrument Enterprise carved the world’s largest drum out of Kokko tree wood and donated it to the Kaunghmudaw
The drum measures 128 inches in length and 64 inches in height.
The face of the drum is about 54 inches in diameter. The drumhead, or drum skin, has been made from two layers of buffalo hide, while the drum’s ropes have been made from 18 sheets of cowhide.
The drum’s interior has been carved with Buddha’s sermons and verses, Bhamo Sayadaw’s chants, and arrangements. Its exterior depicts images of angels paying homage to 108 Buddha footprints.

—Ko Min (Indaw)
(Translated by La Wonn)


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