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March 01, 2018

Wise decisions matter

It is vital for every stakeholder in Myanmar politics to make wise decisions during this important juncture in the country’s history. Veering away from what we know to be the best course of action for the people could see the country descend into confusion and chaos.
What makes a decision wise? One accommodates the wishes of the majority. The problems that have plagued Myanmar’s political system have stemmed from the exclusion of the wishes of a significant number of stakeholders. It is therefore important for some stakeholders to retreat and for some to take a few steps forward. That said, there is enough room for every stakeholder to participate in the political processes of Myanmar.
With this in mind, stakeholders are required to ensure the smooth flow of political developments as they occur. In doing so, it is important that decisions are made for reasons of practicality rather than idealism. Decision makers must accommodate
the wishes of all stakeholders. This is important for peace as well as for national reconciliation. National reconciliation can only be achieved if it is completely inclusive.


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