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February 27, 2018

Winners or Whiners

Winners can be said to have firm beliefs and proper behaviour that has helped them to win success. They win because they believe in their ability to perform. However, the whiners have only learnt improper behaviour that can cause problems, not knowing that whining or complaining is the enemy of victory.
In my own personal experience, I have come across a lot of people who never achieved success because they were always complaining, not finding the ways to accomplish tasks and not taking remedial measures upon meeting with failures. In this regard, it is worth remembering that things cannot always happen as we wish them to because they happen according to the God’s will if you believe Him. What is certain is that unexpected things can always happen any time regardless of faith. Therefore, we should be prepared for failures, holding plan B and plan C as alternatives.
Another important quality of the winners is freedom from fear whereas the whiners are obsessed with worries that can lead the latter to loss of confidence without which important tasks cannot be accomplished. It is true that people can sometimes feel frustrated. Frustration is not a big problem as long as we have the courage to solve. In this circumstance, we need to learn to encourage ourselves, being optimistic and not letting the goal be lost. Otherwise, frustration can lead to depression, which the whiners are struggling with.
As a matter of fact, whining or complaining is the evil consequence of pessimism. As long as we are pessimists, we cannot be winners. Another important quality of a winner is the ability to achieve what he wants whereas the whiners are daydreaming, aiming at achieving the unachievable. In addition, it is worth noting that winners win because they find ways and means to accomplish the tasks whereas the whiners are always inclined to giving lame excuses.
In a nutshell, if one wishes to achieve success, he needs to follow suit of how the winners are doing things and avoid the wrong mindset, mentality and attitude of the losers who are just whining, not finding the correct ways and means, not drawing lessons from their failures and on top of all, not being optimistic.


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