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March 02, 2018

Will there be any room for cronies, sycophants, flunkeys, minions, lackeys of former despots when democracy flourishes?

Democracy is significantly flourishing after the fall of despots in some countries. In the wake of the Arab spring, global people are aware of noble ideology of democracy. Democracy is popular among the peace-loving people around the world. It is cherished by them wholeheartedly. As the despots have oppressed their own people brutally and cruelly, their own people bitterly hate and disgust them. Nowadays, the remaining despots in the world have to step down gradually. In the meantime, cronies, sycophants, flunkeys, minions and lackeys of former despots are in disarray. Actually, they had depended on influence and power of the despots for the sake of self-interest and personal benefits or personal prosperity. There have been mutual benefits between those self-seekers and despots. They exploited natural resources or public property by means of getting grant or permits from the despots. Reciprocally, the despots were given shares or profits by cronies who had unfairly earned huge money from so-called businesses in the country. Cronies as well as elites are the ones who unjustly do various kinds of business, authorized by despots without assent of public. The sycophants, flunkeys, minions and lackeys of former despots were also involved in doing business without spending their own money. In fact they were neither entrepreneurs nor businessmen, but they were awarded biased authorization by despotic rulers for getting permit. Due to close relations with the despots, they had opportunities to earn self-interest or benefit, cooperating with the despotic rulers.
Although they did not have investment or capital, they could have achieved benefits from this circle. The normal or ordinary businessmen had to associate with those opportunists harmoniously. Otherwise, they will have no way to achieve success in business. This kind of situation is very common in any country ruled by despots indeed. During the successive eras of despots, the cronies have become elites or billionaires, whereas the ordinary people are hard up indeed. The vast majority of people make their living honestly and professionally, but they encounter hardship. Unfortunately, they were exploited by a vey handful of people who had affirmed allegiance to the despotic rulers. They had accumulated assets and wealth dishonestly and illegally. Of course, they were above the law and they could not control the inordinate selfishness. Normally, the despots have megalomania and they are scared of public criticism and voice. Nevertheless, these days, all the despots around the world must step down due to the globalization and renaissance of peoples’ power. Some despots handed over the power to the people who are the original owner of it softly and gently, resulting no bloodshed.

“The civilized and honest people hate and disgust dirty money or dishonest way of earning.”
When democracy is flourishing in a certain society, people concerned are happy, active, secure and confident. This is because there are no violation of law, no suppression, and no violation of human rights in that society. Furthermore, the prevalence of justice, rule of law, freedom of expression, freedom of press, good governance and clean government can be vividly seen or heard. The law-abiding government, public officials and general public trust each other and work together for the prosperity of the nation harmoniously and cordially. The leader of the democratic state and the entire people are under the existing law evenly. Every citizen can enjoy the in-born rights in line with the prescribed laws in the society concerned. However, the exploiters, opportunists, self-seekers, unscrupulous persons cannot practice or follow the noble principles and ideology of democracy. They must be trained and tamed to practice democracy norms so that a certain democratic society will be free from disruption and hindrance. Otherwise, there could be some interference during the transitional period for establishing democracy. Actually, the aforesaid persons are destructive elements and they oppose the peoples’ aspiration for democracy in the society concerned.
Presumably, the self-seekers will have no room for the country’s rehabilitation tasks since they did not contribute to the prosperity of the nation in the past. If they wish to participate in political reform and economic reform with the democratically elected government, they must change their mindsets and get rid of immoral behaviors. Unless they change their mindsets and immoral behaviors, the general public will not assign duties and responsibilities of national task to them. They ought to establish the trust between the two parties so that they might be able to attain some room for nation building task. Generally, people wish those persons to do good things and provide some contributions to the society concerned. Since they are a part of human resources for the society, they must give up their inordinate selfishness, immoral behaviors and exploitative-mindedness sharply. They must prioritize the nationalism rather than egocentrism.
We, human beings are not perfect, but if a person is extremely imperfect, he or she must behave himself or herself well or humanely in human society. The cronies, sycophants, flunkeys, minions, lackeys of former despots have to claim their property or assets or possessions publicly. And also they are entitled to pay property tax or income tax etc. to the democratic government like all other citizens do in the society. In any democratic state, no one can evade taxes. If someone avoids paying taxes, the act of avoiding taxes is a criminal offence. According to the democratic practice, public officials are elected by the public concerned and they must do their job precisely and correctly. Bribery will not work with the elected government or elected public officials because they are incorruptible indeed. They have already won the public trust and love so they will never betray the public certainly. They value the human dignity rather than bribery and corruption because they believe that committing bribery and corruption is a violation of religious noble teaching. Of course, the civilized and honest people hate and disgust dirty money or dishonest way of earning.
The cronies, sycophants, flunkeys, minions and lackeys of former despots will have to find the room which must be in conformity with democratic norms or they need to transform from the notorious titles into so-called democrats, mingling with real democrats. If they really want to change their mindsets and selfish behaviors or they regret for their exploitation upon general public in the past, they can have room for participating in democratization process. The ordinary people will warmly welcome and forgive those of all self-seekers, if they realize their mistakes or malpractice or inordinate selfishness and make apologies for their wrong doings. Magnanimously, the vast majority people will give a hearty handshake to the former self-seekers, now participating in charitable work, social-welfare activities and nation building tasks. E.g. some cronies donate funds for hospital construction, home for the aged, charity, sport foundation etc. By any means, if they turn to be philanthropists, the working people have to cooperate with their philanthropic work in the society concerned and recognize their contribution towards the society. Everybody in the society concerned will be impressed with their goodwill conduct towards the people concerned. The potential rooms will be available for them when they escalate their contributions towards the country’s rehabilitation tasks. In addition, they need to support their society for sustainable existence of democracy so that they can be regarded as dutiful and good citizens indeed. May every well-established democratic nations and nascent democratic nations around the world be peaceful and prosperous forever!!!!


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