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December 17, 2018

We will deal with Rakhine State affair in all perspectives!

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • If we are desirous of implementing peace and stability in Rakhine State, we need to take into consideration the importance of security. To provide security in Rakhine State, the role of the Tatmadaw and security forces need to be recognized. If the Tatmataw and security forces are subjected to targeted sanctions, it would be difficult to get their full cooperation in security matters. A weakened Tatmadaw and Police force is not in the national interest as their duty is to protect the country from foreign enemies and safeguard our national sovereignty. For any army, the morale of the army is very important and the Myanmar Tatmadaw is no exception.
    It should be understood by the international community that although security is important to bring peace and stability in Rakhine State, other factors are equally important. The events that unfolded in the Rakhine State is not solely due to communal problems based on religion or race. The muslims of Bengali extraction living in the Rakhine State were recruited and encouraged by ARSA terrorists to attack the Border police forces. The soldiers of the Myanmar Tatmadaw were under strict orders to use maximum restraint in the performance of their duties. Their orders were to seek out the terrorists and clear the area of these armed militants. However it should be understood that fighting terrorism is not as straight forward as engaging in a conventional war on the battlefield. In the case of the ARSA terrorists, they had no hesitation whatsoever to use women and children as human shields. It seems that the international press in their eagerness to lay blame on the Myanmar Tatmadaw had perhaps forgotten how difficult it is to ferret out the terrorists when they hide in the villages and mingle among the villagers. The events in Rakhine State are not isolated cases if one were to take a global perspective. Terrorism, especially militant Islamic jihadists have been cropping up in many places all over the world in places such as the Philippines, southern Thailand and even Bangladesh which is a Muslim country.
    At present, the urgent need for solving the Rakhine State affair is to accept the Bengalis who have fled from Rakhine State to Bangladesh after careful scrutiny. The International news media has made exaggerated statements that the fleeing population has now reached up to nearly one million. This type of irresponsible reporting can damage the dignity and image of Myanmar. In fact the UN system and the international community should provide help to the Myanmar authorities in the process of scrutiny and verification so that those refugees who wish to return will be able to return in safety and dignity.
    Provided that a computerized data collection system has been implemented, the whole process of scrutiny and verification should go smoothly with the minimum of delay.
    It is necessary for the international community to definitely acknowledge the national policy that those who comply with rules and laws will be granted citizenship rights. At the same time, those who decide to live in Myanmar should live as law abiding residents without making any demands for setting up a separate Islamic entity. This sort of attempt would not be tolerated by the present Union Government. As law abiding citizens they should live in harmony with other ethnic races and refrain from any attempts to impose their religion on other ethnic races. Due to these considerations, the Rakhine State affair should be viewed from many points of view and from all perspectives.
    Concurrently, they are required to definitely express their disagreement over demands for ethnic rights under the name the whole populace cannot accept so that worries conceived in the minds of national populace will be erased. Accordingly, Rakhine State affairs full of different kinds of fronts must be dealt with in different corners of perspectives.


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