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June 22, 2018

When does a true politician’s campaign period start?

FOR politicians, elections are held every four or five years, according to the local law, and their election campaign periods start and end on the dates announced by the bodies that are responsible for holding elections in their countries. Therefore, it is common to see politicians who try to vie for votes just before the election or during their campaign periods. Few such politicians succeed.
In fact, people cast their votes bearing in mind everything they encounter in their daily lives. In the mind of the voter, elections are not organised by election commissions; they are happening all the time.
As a result, it is often too late for some politicians to vie for votes just during the campaign period. A true politician should consider every day of his or her entire life as part of the campaign period. They should avoid mistakes throughout their working lives.
Often, candidates’ careers are ruined by revelations about things they did in their early lives. Though they happened in the distant past, they matter politicians throughout their lives.
An election commissions may announce the start of a campaign period, but this is always too late for true politicians. Their campaign periods began when they were born.


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