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June 24, 2018

What the end of politics would be like?

Myint Win Thein

With the elections around the corner in Myanmar candidates are campaigning for victory. They propose the changes they will bring about if they are elected by the people. No politician, whether ruling or in opposition, proposes the status quo. It is natural for politicians to propose change during election campaign. The world is changing, one cannot offer the voter nothing.
Politics is defined by various philosophers in different ways. For laypersons, it simply means change. In the history of mankind, man always demands change or progress. That is why every politician promises change when they vie for votes of the people. If there were nothing left to change in the world the first things to face extinction would be politics. Political science would become a dead language that is studied just for personal interest. Politicians would not be spared, they would also extinct.
However, the world always changes. As a result, everyone has to decide their politics even though they do not compete in elections. It is worth asking what the lives of people would be like if nothing was left to be changed in the world or if there were no politics in it. Would it be like the hell or the heaven? Would the world stop changing? It is a question to be answered by political philosophers.


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