September 22, 2017

What is Turmeric?

What is turmeric?  The earliest record of turmeric comes from an ancient Assyrian herbal history in about 600 B.C .It is a bright powder that comes from rhizome of a plant of ginger family, used for flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking and is also a fabric dye. It has acclaimed the name “Kitchen Queen“ as the main spice used in Indian curry, giving a spicy taste and yellow color. It’s botanical name is“ Curcuma Longa” and  called in Myanmar as Hsanwen or Sanawin or Sanae. Turmeric has been used in East India and Middle East and is now one of the most highly priced spices in the world. In ancient medicines , the use of turmeric began when it is noted as an anti-inflammatory  agent , and also for treatment of a wide variety of diseases, such as jaundices, menstrual problems, blood in the urine , hemorrhaging, toothache, bruises , chest pain, flatulence , colic, stimulate the liver to increase  its production of bile. Yellow brown or green fluids which help digestion, creating contraction to move food through the gastrointestinal tract, prevention of gall bladder infection, increase excretion of cholesterol and also commonly we find that our woman folks after the delivery of a child, used the application of turmeric powder mixed with boiled water to the whole body in order to have the effect on contracting the womb after birth and relaxing the tension of the stomach birth scars as well.
Turmeric is derived from the Persian word for ‘Saffron “, the yellow orange color used to make curry, a domesticated plant rather not wild. India remains one of the most prominent producer of turmeric , followed next by Indonesia ,the Philippines , China, Taiwan,  Jamaica ,Haiti and Myanmar. Turmeric usually grow well in the rich loamy soil in humid conditions, having 2 feet high and a multi-rhizomatous rootstock .India is a major exporter to the world, sharing a world  market of 60% .Also among many others ,China has a share of world market of 8% and Myanmar  4%. India has an annual production of 180,000 tons of cured turmeric.
Spice trade, spices such as cinnamon, cassia , cardamom , ginger, pepper and turmeric were largely known and traded in the Eastern World way back in antiquity. These spices found their way into the Middle East before the beginning of the Christian Era , where the true source of these spices was withheld by the cunny traders, covering up with fantastic horror tales. But from the prehistoric carvings of the Neolithic age had been obtained, indicated that India’s South West Coast, especially Kerala as the land of spices or Spice Garden of India was established  as the main place of supplying center of turmeric. At this juncture, sometime later that led to the famous explorers like Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama to venture into the unfamiliar water of the seas and oceans to search for a sea route in order to establish a lasting spice trade.
Over the past several years, numerous studies have emerged on the benefits of turmeric and its anti-cancerous preventive properties. Curcumine which is present in turmeric [Curcuma Longa] is a powerful anti-inflammatory  and Is a very effective in treating all kinds of inflammatory diseases as well as arthritis, tendinitis  ,injuries .The plant is also a powerful blood purifier and is highly effective  in reducing excessive cholesterol .Turmeric is very safe  and has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for more than 4000years.
Many of the health benefits of turmeric can be observed by thinking of our food as a medicine, which was the advice given by Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C, this bright yellow spice traditionally used as food and medicines contain vital antioxidants and benefits from studies have shown that could fight diabetes ,cancer, and heart disease. In another study , extracts of turmeric were used on ultraviolet radiation damaged skin for six weeks ,scientists reported that improvement can be seen in skin hydration and skin burn and in the olden days Myanmar, pay leaves were first boiled and once the black secretions which oozed out from the surface have been removed ,the pay leave strips were weighed down and dried .They were later rubbed smooth and cut into the required  lengths ,using a mixture of water with Sanawin [ turmeric ] to make them last for a long time.
Turmeric Medicinal Properties
Digestion — liver Protects the liver and prostate from toxins
[traditional usage]
—-gastric acid
—–food and drug poisoning
——speed up healing of gastrointestinal ulcers
[traditional usage]
——-helps to prevent cancer of the colon, pancreas, prostate. Skin, esophagus, liver, lung [synergy with Goji Berry and Cannabis]
———–digestive problems
———candida albican
[synergy with Garlic]
———-destroys Helicobacter pylori
———Crohn’s disease
[synergy with Goji  Berry and Canabis]
——–Irriable Bowel Syndrome
———-Cuts down excessive cholesterol
[synergy with Ginseng]
———ulcerative  colitis.
Anti-cancer———Anti disease————Anti   inflammatory
——–powerful general anti-inflammatory
[synergy with Ginger and black pepper]
———detoxifies the body
[synergy with chlorella and  Spirulina]
——–helps to prevent colon cancer
[synergy with Ginger and Black Pepper]
——–helps to prevent stomach cancer
[Synergy with Ginger and Black Pepper, cinnamon]
——–helps to prevent liver cancer
——–helps to prevent pancreative  cancer
[Synergy with  Ginger and  Black Pepper]

——-helps to prevent lung cancer
[Synergy with Ginger, Black Pepper and Garlic]
——helps to prevent prostate cancer
——-helps to prevent skin cancer
[Synergy  with Aloe Vera ]
———helps to prevent esophageal cancer
——-helps to prevent the growth of lymphoma and cancerous tumors
——–Alzheimer’s disease
[Synergy with Ashwagandda]
——–Chronic disease    —respiratory infection [bronchitis, asthma whooping cough
——[ Synergy with Goji Berry ]
——–ear infection,  flu, cold
Joint and Muscular pain—-inflammatory
Joint inflammation
[ synergy with Harpagophytum, Boswellian and Ginger]
——–rheumatism,–   osteoarthritis
[Synergy with Harpagophytum]
———joint and muscular pain ,tendinitis, neuralgia sciatica
Turmeric has even been said to be more efficient than
Hydrocortisone[ theory] cardiovascular inflammation
——-reduce inflammation and skin damaged during radiation therapy
[Synergy with Aloe Vera  and Ginkgo Briloba ]
———reduce inflammation  of the lung ,asthma
———-regeneration of liver cells [alcohol liver pollution]
———–certain cases of swelling
Skin     —-                    Blood purification
——–purified the blood, removes toxins
[ traditional usage ]
————Skin problems
[ traditional usage ]
[ Synergy with Aloe Vera]
———combats eczema
[; traditionalusage ]
———Dry skin
———Helps to treat scabs and fungal infections [ external use ]
———Skin disease linked to diet.


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