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June 24, 2018

What is behind the declined pass rate?

The matriculation examination results for 2015-2016 academic year came out yesterday, but with a drop in the pass rate compared with that of the previous year. The pass rate last year stood at 37.60%, while the pass rate this year was just 29.92%. Last year, a total of 597,946 students took the exams. Of them, 224,847 passed. This year, the number of exam takers was 636,237, of whom just 190,388 passed.
It is therefore necessary to consider why the pass rate dropped this year. One reason must be related to the pervasive use of social media. It is undeniable that social media has become an integral part of modern society, affecting the behaviour of users, especially teenagers. Researchers have described Facebook as a major attraction for a large number of netizens. With smartphones and tablets becoming easily available, adolescents are found to be more addicted to social networking than schooling.
Another thing to take into consideration is a survey conducted by Pew Research Centre in 2015. According to its finding, 72 percent of high school and 78 percent of college students spend time on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This indicates that the student population involved in this virtual world of social networking is not small.
Rather than prohibited, students should be advised that studying is secondary to none in this stage of their life and that social media should be used for learning new skills, acquiring good habits and seeking knowledge so as to develop moral character. It is therefore absolutely vital for educational institutions and parents to adopt proper regulations and disciplines concerning the use of social media by students. Social media should not be a medium that robs them of their time to be spent on learning.


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