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February 26, 2018

We are all responsible for our future!

  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • There is a well-known Myanmar saying, “No one but we ourselves shape our future.” All beings—undergo the process of change; living things in the plant kingdom also go through the process of change. However, the former ones need to strive harder for their survival. During our striving for our aim or goal, we have to face success or failure, gain or loss, approval or disapproval, applause or censure. In other words, these are results which come out of our efforts. Depending upon our results, we have to feel pleasure or pain, happiness or sorrow, encouragement or discouragement and euphoria or depression.
    Outcomes which result from our performances affect us—the persons concerned and their related ones. We feel happy and proud of our success. Contrariwise, we feel sad and depressed sometimes, tending to blame others for our failure. Nonsensical it is! In fact, we fail to recognize the actual truth of our daily, or rather all-time performances or activities. We are thinking that we earn our living or make money for the sake of our families only. As citizens associating with communities or societies, we always take part in communal activities by giving voluntary labor or by contributing donations such as money or other necessary things, like when it comes to helping victims of natural disasters. Then, can it be said to be for the wellbeing of the people what we are earning?
    Inventions of inventors such as Thomas Alva Edison, Wright Brothers and so on were not invented for their benefits only. Great poets and writers created works of excellence for us. Philosophers left us their invaluable doctrines. Our Lord Gautama Buddha himself tried hard for eons to attain Buddhahood to guide all beings to liberate themselves from the cycle of births and deaths, not for His own sake. Knowing these true situations, why are they desirous of finding faults with others?
    Now we are marching towards a modern Democratic Federal Union under the leadership of our elected government. As known by all, the previous government left many problems and numerous unfinished tasks in many economic sectors. A heavy workload was waiting to be taken care of. Of them, many of these problems have been solved. We should know that it would take us much time to deal with these in a short period of time. These will never ever disappear by just a chanting a magical mantra. We know that
    the present government is implementing many projects for the people and our younger generation. In fact, we are all responsible to join in these activities ourselves, instead of blaming or finding faults with the government. We are not dutiful just by electing our trusted representatives to form a government. We should monitor their activities closely and watch over them and give them proper feedback and good suggestions. It wholly depends upon us to bring about success or failure. As the saying goes “No one but we ourselves shape our future.”


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