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February 26, 2018

Water transported to Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary for dehydrated Shwe Thamins

Golden deers (Eld’s deers) are seen in Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary. Photo: Kyemon
Golden deers (Eld’s deers) are seen in Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary.
Photo: Kyemon

MEASURES are being taken to provide water to dehydrated Shwe Thamins, Eld’s deers, in Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary as lakes are dry up there, according to an official from the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division yesterday.
“We filled water into three lakes from six bowsers that were transported to the region. The Shwe Thamins did not run when the bowsers arrived as they were thirsty,” said U Aye Cho, assistant director of the division.
The 114,000-acre Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary located in Minbu, Magwey Region is home to Shwe Thamins and other species of small animals including star tortoises.
Around 1,483 Shwe Thamins are listed in the sanctuary, said the assistant director, adding that water is now available for them.
According to the assistant director there was a water scarcity problem in the region last year and locals from nearby villages filled the lake with water brought from home.
The division had built 15 salt pits for Shwe Thamins to lick, using 30 visses (aprox. 1.6 kilograms) of salt, he added.
Moreover, patrols are being conducted for the protection of Shwe Thamins in the sanctuary, including public awareness talks.
Shwesettaw wildlife sanctuary is one of 39 wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar.


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