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October 18, 2018

Water spinach plantations flourish in Mandalay

Growers are planting water spinach in Mandalay.

Water spinach, which is affordable and has many health benefits, are being planted on a commercial scale in suburban Mandalay.
The number of local residents engaged in water spinach plantations has risen, allowing a worker to earn about Ks5,000 a day.
The growers form Ngwe Taw Kyeegon ward from Pyigyidagun Township supply the water spinach in sufficient quantities to the markets of Mandalay. Water spinach can be cut for many months once cultivated.
A water spinach grower can send over 150 baskets a day to the market. One basket contains 336 bundles of water spinach.
Water spinach, known locally called Taiwan Kasun, can be cut after 45 days of cultivation. The plants grow faster in the summer than in the winter. The growers have to focus on cutting weeds, fertilising and irrigation after planting.
A basket of water spinach sells for about Ks6,000.


Nway Nadi/ Myit Nge


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