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March 03, 2018

Water-sellers in NyaungU see profits during transition from winter to summer

A water bowser seen. Photo: Myo Min Aung
A water bowser seen. Photo: Myo Min Aung

WATER-SELLERS in NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region generate income by selling drinking water by car across the region, especially in areas facing an acute shortage of clean water, locals say.
A victim said, “We, all residents from Kabarni, Sitha, Yaytwinnyaungpin, Indaing, Nyaunggyi and nearby villages in the region are currently facing shortage of water during the transition from winter to summer.”
“Although we need to buy potable water for daily use as there are many tube-wells in the region, we face drinking water problems every summer.”
A resident said, “We have not received water from an Australian-funded river pump for five months. It is one of the reasons why the region has a lack of water supply.”
Currently, residents purchase a tub that holds 50 gallons of water for K800 (US$0.66).
“We normally collect water from the Kyaukku River Pump and a drain near Myenaelay Village,” a water-seller said. “This business produces good profit because of the falling price of petroleum.”


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