July 07, 2017

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Water levels alert along Ayeyawady River

Ships anchored in the Ayeyawady River
Ships anchored in the Ayeyawady River

THE water levels of the Ayeyawady River at Myitkyina have risen about 6 ½ feet within 18 hours on 30 March, 2016. According to the 12.30 hr observation on 1st April, it has fallen about 4 ½ feet, according to the announcement of the Meteorology and Hydrology Department yesterday.
The water levels rose up about 4 ½ feet at Bhamo within two days and about 1 ½ feet at Katha within one day, according to the announcement.
The water levels in the Upper Ayeyawady may rise above their present water levels about 3 ½ feet at Katha during the next one to two days, and about 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet at Mandalay, Sagaing, Myinmu, Pakokku and NyaungOo during the next two to five days.
It is advised that vessels running along the river and those who have plantations on sandbank during low flow period take precautions due to the sharp rise in the water level.


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