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February 27, 2018

Voters’ list made public on 14 September – UEC committed to holding peaceful, fair election in November

People check voters’ list at West Sawyanpaing Ward in Ahlon Township.—Po Htaung (File Photo)
People check voters’ list at West Sawyanpaing Ward in Ahlon Township.—Po Htaung (File Photo)

The Union Election Commission will make the voters’ list publicly available at UEC township offices from 14 to 27 September so that those eligible to vote in the general election have the opportunity to confirm their names and details.
During the sixth meeting between the UEC and political parties in Yangon on Tuesday, UEC’s Chairman U Tin Aye said that persons without national ID cards can still cast their ballot on 8 November if they can provide other forms of identity that prove citizenship, such as a driving license or student ID card.
He said the measure is being taken to maximise the number of people who turn out to vote and said that those whose names are not on the voters’ list can apply to regional sub-election commissions in accordance with the Election Law for clarification.
Representatives from 69 of Myanmar’s 91 political parties attended the meeting with the UEC.
U Tin Aye called on politicians to adhere to the Code of Conduct throughout the election period. He said that the commission is committed to holding a peaceful and fair election and will not interfere in the electoral process.
The UEC also clarified certain electoral processes, including campaign directives and compliance, candidate campaign financing disclosures, the provision of manuals to polling station staff, polling booth processes, mediation, security and monitoring committees, electoral dispute resolution and candidate agents.
A total of 6,189 candidates have been nominated and district election sub-commissions have begun the process of vetting candidates.
The UEC’s reasons for ruling certain candidates ineligible to become ethnic affairs ministers in states and regions drew criticism from some politicians who attended the meeting. Eligibility is determined by the 1982 Citizenship Law, which automatically classifies a person to have inherited their father’s ethnicity unless a person states a preference to be identified as the same ethnicity as their mother at the age of 18.  The UEC has issued accreditation cards to local and foreign election monitoring groups and will invite election monitoring group members to observe the traiing of polling booth staff.—GNLM


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