July 05, 2017

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Vital Cultural Resources of Myanmar

Daw Lwin Zar Naing Win

Sunset in Bagan.
Sunset in Bagan.


There is a word ;a precious thing  to curve in the heart  and  in the soul of every nationality. This word is the life blood of one country. Do you know this? This is the only word “THE CULTURE”, but it is very important to be eternal.
“THE CULTURE” is the vital resource of one nation. It is like a ruler to measure the social standard for one nation. It can be denoted that the integrated social behavior of living standard in the society all over the world. There are 135 National Races here in Myanmar, our country. We all are differ in social behavior, traditional costume, traditional food, ethical value, ethical conduct, social norm, worship, religion, lifestyle, literature, language, accent, social norm, cultural heritage, etc. according to how far we are to each other geographically.
In our country, Myanmar, there are 12 Kachin national races, 9 Kayar national races, 11 Kayin national races, 53 Chin national races, 1 Mon national race, 9 Bamar national races, 7 Yakhaing national races, and 33 Shan National races, live together. The old anciet capital cities are situated along the river bank of the Ayeyawady river ,many ancient old monuments are accumulated in these areas. Tagaung, Amarapura, Sagaing, Innwa, Bagan and Pyay are the places of ancient Myanmar Kings that are the greatness of their time of glory.
The highest value of culture can be marked as the highest value   for this country. From generation to generation, we handover ours; how to earn for their living, how to wear traditionally, how  to build for their sheltering, how to cook their traditional foods, how to create  literature, how to create their languages (written form as well as spoken form).
After that, how to maintain and restore (Palaces, Museums, stonescripts, fossils, primates, temples and national monuments), how to create to be natural as for the geological aspects, how to maintain and create for beautiful scenery, Greenland, how to create lovely things (souveniors, traditional gifts, handicrafts, beautiful costumes, cheik, and handmade, etc.)
We should also have to consider these factors: how to prevent man-made disaster  and unexpected happenings as well as wasting valuable natural resources for the cultural background and social background.
Furthermore, National Characters are the specific notifications of national ethnics, we can define as the Myanmar National Characters according to these specific notifications:
v    Braveness
v    Diligence
v    Patience
v    Endurance
v    Forgiveness
v    Temporary  anger
v    No  revenge
The First Myanmar Kingdom ( AD 1044-AD 1077 ) was founded by King Anawrahta, The Second Myanmar Kingdom(AD 1551-AD1581)was built by King Bayintnaung. And the Third Myanmar Kingdom  (AD 1752- AD 1760) was established by King Alaungmintayar. Bagan Dynasty was governed by  55 kings  and the last Bagan Dynasty  was ruled by King Saw Mon Nit. The first Myanmar currency coin was invented by King Mindon in Yandanabon Era. The first stone inscription was written by the govern of King Mindon.
Bagan, one of the richest archeological sites in Asia, the whole place is covered by pagodas with all sizes and shapes. At one time,there are about  3000 pagodas, temples and religious structures from the 11th to 13th century. Bagan became the first capital of Myanmar for nearly 250 years. Altogether 55 kings who ruled over Bagan. Unfortunately, there was an earthquake in 1975.Some monuments were destroyed by that earthquake but still now, it has many beautiful cultural heritage of Myanmar people. Until now, there are many pagodas about 2217 were left.
The famous Shwezigon pagoda is built by King Anawrahta (AD 1044-AD 1077) built enclosing the relic of Buddha inside it, and it was left unfinished upon his death. So, it was completed by King Kyansittha (AD 1084- AD 1113). Although they were repaired, the Shwezigon Pagoda retains its original shape  and served as a prototype for  later pagodas.  There is a saying :
The most beautiful architect-
ural design is Ananda,
The greatest power is
The tallest is
The biggest mass is
And so, Bagan is creating a treasure and enduring heritage for the Myanmar people to have now
There are  10 Myanmar traditional arts and crafts to see for the visitors to be suitable for  use and study their arts and crafts which are unique creations in Southeast Asia. These are remarkable and valuable gifts for the next generations:craft of goldsmithing, craft of blacksmithing(smithy), art of making items cast or wrought from bronze, copper, and brass, craft of woodcraving, turnery (craft of a turner),art of painting, art of making lacquerware, art of making decorative work in relief with stucco, art of stone sculpture, art of a mason (masonery), and art of lapidary. Moreover, the Myanmar craft of cheik, craft of weaving on a loom, hand woven cloth of traditional costume, bamboo-weaving, cane –weaving, gold embroidery, and art of marionette (puppet show) are famous of Myanmars.
If the culture of a country disappears, there will be no cultural value for the national race. To preserve culture as much as we can, we must try to handover this traditional cultural heritage from generation to generation.


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