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June 22, 2018

Visitors to Chin State spike in April

Reed Lake in Chin State has attracted visitors at home and abroad.
Reed Lake in Chin State has attracted visitors at home and abroad.

THE number of people visiting Myanmar’s isolated and less-traversed Chin State has picked up this April, according to French hotel booking website Jovago Myanmar. “Myanmar is famous around the world for its natural beauty. Chin State’s Reed Lake was the most visited destination during the Thingyan New Year period,” said Hugo Schleicher, managing director of Jovago Myanmar.
Tourists visiting Myanmar tend to come for the beautiful beaches, mountains and natural scenery. Improvements to Myanmar’s infrastructure have given rise to interest in natural locations off the beaten track. “It’s better to visit Reed [Lake] in a group, and it’s more beautiful during the winter months. There are VIP express coaches that run between Yangon and Kalay, [the gateway into Chin State]. Ticket prices range between K25,000 and K30,000. Renting a private car, which can carry five individuals, to make the journey from Kalay to Reed [Lake] costs around K200,000, while a 10-person car fetches approximately K300,000. Online tourist operators can help with additional information if required,” explained U Zaw Wai, the press officer for Jovago Myanmar.
Locally grown fresh fruit such as strawberries, avocados, apples, oranges and melons can be bought along the road to Chin State, while world-famous historical war cemeteries and forts are of much interest to travellers visiting the region.
The Myanmar tourist industry is gaining momentum, with tourists to the Golden Land reaching 4.7 million during 2015, resulting in revenue of as much as US$2.1 billion.


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