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March 02, 2018

Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspects reclamation of lands and embankments in Pyinmana

Vice President U Henry Van Thio is seen in his tour of inspection of the diversion dam. Photo: MNA

Vice President U Henry Van Thio, Chairman of the steering committee for protecting rights and enhancing the economic welfare of farmers inspected the cold storage factory for vegetables and fruits in Pyinmana, reclamation of farmlands, the Paunglaung irrigation system and the Paunglaung embankment.
Accompanied by Dr Myo Aung, Chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council, Vice President U Henry Van Thio arrived at the Myanmar Agri Foods Company Ltd nearby Kyeeinn village in Pyinmana township at 8:30 am yesterday morning. U Ye Myint Maung, chairman of the company briefed the Vice President and party about the company and plans for future investments.
The Vice President said, “Cooperation with respective departments is urgently needed for producing finished products, raw materials requirements, acquisition of test land plots for producing seeds and farmlands. In growing crops, it is necessary to search for secure markets for agricultural produce and to consider growing crops with secure markets is important. Simultaneously, quality control is also of great importance. And, it is necessary to make concerted efforts for building a modernized laboratory needed for the country and to reclaim farming plots that meet international standards.”
Afterwards, the Vice President and party inspected the packing factory where high-quality agricultural produce are processed.
It has been learnt that the company was set up with a view to promoting social life and income of individual farmers, preserving vegetables from becoming rotten, acquisition of secure profits and stable markets, creating job opportunities for the locals, helping the campaign for upgrading social lives launched by the government in some way or other and earning foreign exchange by producing high-quality produce.
Afterwards the Vice President and party inspected the Mya Sein Yaung Myitta Paungu Bridge at the village of Nyaungbinthar in Lewei township, where he gave advice concerning the rebuilding the new bridge submitted by responsible officials.
Next, the Vice President and party visited the systematic reclamation of farmlands and crop plantations at Pauk Myaing village, in Lewei township, which was being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and Department of Irrigation and Management of Water Resources. He was briefed by responsible officials concerning the systematic reclamation of 130.84 acres of farmland in Pauk Myaing village tract with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), division of the land among farmers, acquisition of farming water and crop plantations, future plans to grow seasonal crops and systematic reclamation of agricultural land after educating and sharing knowledge among farmers.

Diversion Dam in Pyinmana. Photo: MNA

Then, the Vice President asked questions regarding the reclaimed farmlands and the process to be carried out in the future, giving necessary instructions in consultation with respective persons for growing crops with secure markets and for farmers to earn more income.
Later the Vice President and party arrived at Pin Thaung village, and inspected the re-digging Pin Thaung lake. U Kyaw Myint Hlaing gave a briefing on the original situation of Pin Thaung Lake, re-digging by the use of heavy machineries, capacity of water storage and capacity for irrigating water. Then the Vice President went to Pin Thaung village and gave words of encouragement to villagers in a warm and friendly manner.
Pin Thaung Lake is 3700 ft long and 16 ft high. It is a type of earth embankment. Its water depth is 10 ft and its water storage acres of 190 acres can supply water to 293 acres, it is learnt.
The Vice President inspected the Paung Laung Letwe dam’s main channel and Paung Laung irrigation dam, thence arriving at the hall of the Paung Laung embankment dam multi-purpose project, where Director-General U Kyaw Myint Hlaing provided a detailed briefing on the Paung Laung embankment dam, aims of the project, expected completion date of the project, the process for generating electricity.
The multi-purpose project keeps water sent after producing hydro-power from the Paung Laung Embankment dam and water which will flow into it from the water flowing area of 600 sq miles between Tatkon and  Pyinmana township. It has been learnt that it aims to distribute water to 35000 acres of farmlands.—Myanmar News Agency


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