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March 02, 2018

Vegetable market planned in Insein

New vegetable and flower market under construction.
New vegetable and flower market under construction.

DAGON International Co Ltd. is planning to establish a new vegetable and flower market of international standard in Insein township, Yangon Region, according to the Yangon City Development Committee.
The market will be furnished with warehouses, cold storage facilities, guest houses, truck terminals, fuel stations, restaurants, banks, laboratories and stalls for processed meat, seafood, frozen food, seasonal fruit and nursery plants.
The company won the bid for the contract to build the market in Insein with the aim of encouraging the consumption of organic agricultural produce at reasonable prices and to help raise the living standards of farmers who account for 70% of the country’s population. The market will provide its own generators to ensure 24/7 services. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the tender, Dagon International Company established a public company, called Myanmar Agro Public Company on 14.9.2015.



Yi Yi Myint and Ohn Mar Thant


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