October 20, 2017

US$ 15.5 trillion to be invested in construction sector by 2030

The old Burma Railway Headquarters building is seen in Yangon on 27 April 2016.

The volume of construction will grow to US$15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, according to PWC statistics. Companies from China, US and India can invest in the construction sector.
Although China is too slow to develop in housing, other basic building sectors such as health care and education are being developed in the construction sector.
The construction market in India will grow almost twice as fast as China to 2030. India’s population is expected to grow by 165 million by 2030. And the population of the city of Delhi in India will become the world’s largest city.
When it comes to Europe, England will stand at the top in biggest construction and real estate market in Europe and the world’s sixth largest construction market by 2030, said Jeremy Leonard, Director of Industry Services, Oxford Economics.
Construction is expected to be one of the highest industrial sectors in the next 15 years. The highest industrial sector may bring the job opportunities, said Fernando A Gonzalez, the chief executive of global building materials company CEMEX.
Rapidly changing the urban system in Myanmar, construction sector need to construct basic buildings including health centres, educational and other social buildings. Moreover, Myanmar government is constructing the affordable housing project which is essential for local people. Private construction companies are also cooperating with the government construction department to construct the low-cost housing, affordable housing and condominiums. Therefore, these result can change Myanmar real estate sector, said Mr. Nitesh Khirwal , managing director of Housi.com.mm.


Min Thu


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