August 15, 2017

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Union spirit is the source of building a democratic federal union

Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
On this auspicious occasion of the 70th Anniversary Union Day, I would like to extend affectionate and respectful greetings to all the national brethren and wish them fulfillment and contentment.
Throughout the history, ancient Myanmar kings built a strong union through national unity. Under the rule of kings who built national unity, national sovereignty was widely established. In late Konbaung era, the country fell under the colonial rule. As a consequence, national brethren became disunited due to lack of unity.
Having founded the Myanmar Tatmataw under the leadership of Bogyoke Aung San, the national people fought against the invaders with the help of the Japanese. However, all the national people suffered from the bitter treatment of fascism. When the Second World War broke out, we, in cooperation with the Allies, fought against the fascists. However, the British colonists who came back to our country again were hesitant to give independence to our country. The colonists intended to give independence only to the main land but not the hilly regions. Bogyoke Aung San and national leaders held the Pang-Long Conference on 12th February, 1947, and they agreed upon claiming, in unison, for the independence of the whole nation and signed the Pang-Long agreement. The essence of the Pang-Long Conference was the equal independence for all ethnicities in the country at the same time. The day that proved and highlighted the unity of all national races was recognized as “The Union Day” of Myanmar and today is the 70th anniversary of our Union Day.

Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
After gaining independence, the social standards of our national people declined due to armed conflicts and lack of peace and stability in the country. Such long-lasting armed conflict only left our country’s development behind other countries in the region. Only when we are successful in bringing desired peace in the State, we are sure that Myanmar will occupy a proud position in the world.
For the development of our country, politics and economics go hand in hand and national reconciliation is one of the most important foundations in setting country’s economic policy. To shape the future federal democratic union, the 21st Century Pang-Long Conference is being held. The essence of the 21st Century Pang-Long Conference is the emergence of the united democratic federal union. Also the solution to end up the long-lasting armed conflicts and to get national reconciliation is building a democratic federal union.
Union spirit is the source of building a democratic federal union. Union spirit means the strong determination of all the national people to live in unity, having negotiation in building a union. We are sure that there will never be a democratic federal union without strong and genuine union spirit.
Myanmar is a union composed of national races, having different cultures, traditions and religions. The national races living in respective geographical areas have been living together practising their traditions and cooperating affectionately. Therefore, all national races must conserve the cultural heritage and traditions of our nationalities.
Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
It is very important for all the nationalities to equally participate in promoting national unity and keeping the Union in perpetuity. Within the Federal System, it is essential to establish own legislation power that all ethnic groups have been craving for. Moreover to ensure national reconciliation, it is necessary not only to establish clear confidence between the nation and armed ethnic groups but also to create mutual trust among ethnic groups. As the essential need of peacekeeping process is trust, it is necessary to put strong effort in building clear confidence among national brethren. When we have gained national unity and national reconciliation, it is sure for us to be able to build a peaceful and prosperous Democratic Federal Union.
I would like to stress the cooperation and coordination among the government, Hluttaw, Tatmadaw, ethnic groups, armed groups, political parties, civil society organizations and every citizen in order to implement the National Reconciliation and State Peace process. On this auspicious occasion of the 70th Anniversary Union Day, I would like to urge each and every one to bring the successful implementation of the four objectives of the 70th Anniversary Union Day:
• to develop the Union Spirit;
• to strengthen the National Unity;
• to build a Federal Democratic State;
• to strive for the betterment of socio-economic
development of the citizens.

Htin Kyaw


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