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February 27, 2018

Union Government to fund ethnic language, culture courses

Naing Thet Lwin.
Naing Thet Lwin.

Naing Thet Lwin, the Union Minister for Ethnic Affairs, supported funding of language and culture courses of ethnic people at the Amyotha Hluttaw session yesterday, saying that he welcomed the question of a representative asking whether the government has plans to fund ethnic language and culture courses as an extracurricular activity.
The union minister also said that the decision is in accordance with the provisions of the constitution to encourage and preserve the languages and cultures of ethnic people.
He said that the government would fund the courses partially due to lack of funds, but said this partial funding would be allocated in the annual budget.
In addition, he said his ministry informed respective regional governments on 30 August and 20 September of budgets for ethnic affairs in their respective regions and states. Moreover, he said that he also urged the same of ethnic affairs ministers of states and regions at a recent meeting.
Naing Thet Lwin pointed out that the aim of the National Education Strategic Plan 2016-2021 is to integrate ethnic languages, literature, culture, arts, traditions and historical heritage into formal education and promised to allocate the appropriate amount of funds for the courses in coordination with the union government. Later during the session, Speaker Mann Win Khaing Than invited representatives to debate the bill amending the law for government employees.


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