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February 26, 2018

Unexpected jellyfish in Myanmar waters a boon for fishermen

By Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung IPRD)

A woman stores jellyfish in a hand-made tank before sending them to the market. Photo: Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung IPRD)

The  unprecedentedly rich appearance of jellyfish in local waters has resulted in extra money in the pockets of fishermen in Kawthoung township.
Local fishermen have been catching the abundance of jellyfishes out of the water near the Parchan bay in the Andaman Sea near Kawthoung Township since early March.
According to local fishermen, jellyfish appearing in the sea in Myanmar water is unusual and happens only once or twice a year.
Their mass apperance may be due to the change of marine current direction. Jelly fishes are floating on the sea surface on sunny days and disappear in cloudy weather.
With the recent sunny weather and favourable water currents, local fishermen have been hauling up floating jellyfish into their boats and increasing their daily income by selling the jellyfish to licensed seafood buying centres. The cleaned and processed jellyfish are then exported to the America and European market through Thailand market. One wet jellyfish is traded at the price 4 to 5 Thai baht (Ks 2000), in the market. Three fishermen in a boat can catch more than 600 to 800 jellyfish a day, which can fetch more than one lakh per day.


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