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February 27, 2018

Under July Rain-drops

  • By Myo Myat Myat Myint Maung

July rain is dropping on the road.
Gloomy sky reflects Myanmar people’s worries and sadness.
Falling raindrops are Myanmar populace’s tear-drops.

Aw! It reached exactly 70 years that Architect of Myanmar Independence-cum-National Leader Bogyoke and colleagues were assassinated, on 19th July 2017 to come.

Disgraceful High Treason in Myanmar History
With the conspiracy of traitors of great stupidity in the country, Bogyoke and ministers were assassinated on Saturday 19th July 1947 at the Secretariat Office, while holding the ministerial meeting.
During that treasonable act, our national leader, Bogyoke Aung San and ministers Thakin Mya (minister for finance), Mahn Ba Khaing (minister for labour and industry), U Razak (minister for education), Deedoke U Ba Cho (minister for information), Maipon Sawbwa Sao San Htun (consultant, ministry of hilly regions affair), U Ba Win (Bogyoke’s elder brother—minister for Supplies and Commerce), together with U Ohn Maung, (deputy secretary of minister for transport) and Yebaw Ko Htwe, (body guard of U Razak) were assassinated, while energetically working for Myanmar’s Independence without taking a holiday on such a Saturday. It must be said that grief, sorrow, worry and anxiety the whole populace felt over the assassination of the martyrs exceeded those of the bereaved families.
The disgraceful assassination caused an irreplaceable loss for the whole nation. The traitors solved a political problem through terrorist attack. What an enormous volume of loss for the nation it is! Whenever we think about the ugliest scene which took place on 19 July, it made us shed tears from our eyes.
Arzarni/Martyr in its real meaning
Myanmar dictionary defines it as the person who is well convinced of what is true or false, the person who excels others in martial prowess and mental faculty, the one who is ready to sacrifice for the sake of people.
Thus, in commemoration of July 19 in which Bogyoke and Myanmar leaders who served for the country by sacrificing their lives had fallen, Martyrs’ Day has been mournfully being held annually across the nation.
In other words, it is designated as the noble holiday in honour of our greatly respected martyrs who sacrificed their lives with genuine “Cetana” for the interest of the nation and nationals.
It will never be endless to say, express, compose proudly what our great leaders performed. Every performance they did was left as an epoch each in the history.
Creators of History
Dr Than Tun, a well-known historian said that we have learnt so as not to be naïve. Likewise, literary scholars say that it is intended for students to learn to love to teach Myanmar History.
Father of Independence, Bogyoke Aung San as well disclosed a noteworthy idea over learning history as follows:
“The person who learns history must not only to be well convinced of the history but also to create or make history himself.”
Accordingly, our future generations who will make Myanmar History on, will be able to shape better future by trying hard to the best of their calibre at the present after taking lessons from past events so that their history will be better and better.
Why we remember and admire for ever
I happened to ponder which kinds of marvelous performances our martyrs did, to shape the future of the country to the extent that the whole nationals in the union will never ever forget.
Our country is a nation in which various kinds of ethnic people collectively reside. In such a country, friendship and national solidarity plays a vital role for peace and stability.
As regards the importance of national solidarity, Bogyoke stressed it in his speech addressed at the city hall, Yangon on 31st October 1942, under the reign of the Japanese.
“It is of great importance and necessity to safeguard the Independence and the Sovereignty of a country eternally.”
The time when Bogyoke addressed that speech was the period when we did not have the hope for Independence yet. And we did not even dream a dream of signing up the Panglong Agreement, the symbol of national solidarity. By seeing it, we can conclude that Bogyoke had a politically broad-minded vision. What a wonder it is!
Bogyoke was never satisfied with bare saying. He always proved his wish true by implementing it.
During stay under colonial and fascist rule for more than 100 years, there occurred doubts and hatred among national ethnics due to the policy—divide and rule they exercised. Now these hatred and doubts were driven out. Independence—the national cause was achieved through Panglong Agreement, the symbol of solidarity of the whole nationals. It is the fruit of genuine patriotism and concerted efforts of our martyrs.
The then imagined Myanmar
What Bogyoke Aung San and our leaders hoped for is to create a happy, strong and modernized country in free and new Myanmar which will come out of national solidarity.
Modern political doctrines Bogyoke formed in his mind over 70 years ago are still new and are being implemented until now.
In making effort for national solidarity at the present time, ways of finding solutions of political issues through negotiation by taking lessons from the past experiences and means of peaceful solution by working for a common cause, after setting aside differences were being seen.
Nowadays, plans are being made to lessen the gap of progress between our national ethnic people, to improve transport and socio-economic sectors, as much as possible. It is like “an elephant in a living room” to have implemented policies expected for by Bogyoke and martyrs.
It wholly depends upon strong enthusiasm of national brethren, all participation, leaders’ broadmindedness and firm determination to serve in the interest of the nation and nationals.

Ways, means and Discipline
As regards discipline, we have many guidance mottos: “Only if discipline is to be kept, will we improve.” “Discipline is Man’s Value,” and so on. Yet, people love what Bogyoke said bluntly, like when they read and smile when they smile.
“If you want Independence, you keep disciplines and unity which will bring about independence, and you build up yourselves. After that, you need to abide by discipline in working. I hereby want to say that you are required to change what needs to be changed, to change your blankety-blank habits.”
Bogyoke’s speeches were as if highlighting us desirous of getting democratic rights that we need to keep discipline which deservedly will bring about democracy.

We should shape our country, Myanmar
Myanmar nationals managed to stand tall with their own traditions and culture. We originally possessed the good habits of safeguarding our races, religions and our own language. We have patriotism, nationalism in us. And we have natural talents each.
It is our inborn rights for the whole national brethrens to contribute our labour for peace, stability and development of the Union—like a dwelling abode.
Now is the time for us to practically implement shaping our country as hoped and imagined by our martyrs. To put it simply, it lagged behind much to have started. We should relay the duty of shaping future for new generations. Especially, we should exert our concerted efforts to bring about prospects of peace in 2017—year of peace.
Resolution on Martyrs’ Day
Presently we are performing the task of building up a new nation together with the people with a view to bringing about peace and stability of the nation and developing socio-economic life of the whole populace.
Let us build the national solidarity based on union spirit and establish the democratic country which will result in national benefits with firm determinations that “we must get national solidarity” and “We must be successful in establishing democracy in accord with discipline.”
Only if these can be fulfilled, will our leaders—Bogyoke and martyrs be able respond to sending our meritorious deeds to them by saying “Well-done, well-done, well-done,” from their present existences, and on the other hand, we can reciprocate their gratitude. July rain is continuing to rain.


Translated by Khin Maung Oo (Tada-U)


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