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February 26, 2018

U Myint Swe assists in restoration of pagodas in Bagan

With step by step approach, the government set a four-year target to restore the earthquake-hit pagodas in Bagan, said Vice President U Myint Swe yesterday.
At a meeting of the leading committee for restoration and conservation of the pagodas in Bagan, he also stressed the need to conserve the pagodas without damaging their original architectural value.
A total of 249 earthquake-hit pagodas have been conserved so far, 17 are under conservation and 123 remained to be conserved.
A total of 389 pagodas were damaged by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on 24th August last year and emergency restoration work on the pagodas completed in December.
Before receiving cash from private donors for restoration and conservation the quake-hit pagodas, Vice President U Myint Swe inspected conservation and restoration works at the major pagodas which were largely damaged by the quake.
Until now, donation money received were Ks 5.553 billion, US$1.1million, Thai Baht 13820, Singapore $ 7502, Japan Yen 30000 and other kinds of currencies.
“The Bagan cultural heritage zone is the heart of Myanmar and a remarkable area of international interest” said Vice President U Myint Swe said in his opening address at the 2nd meeting of leading committee for renovation of ancient religious edifices at the Bagan Ancient Cultural Museum.
There are 36 pagodas to be renovated as the first priority, 53 as the second priority and 76 as the third priority—224 in all. Now 224 pagodas for the minor renovation had been repaired. There are 17 pagodas (under repairs) and 123 pagodas left to be renovated.
The donation money had been used systematically under the supervision of the officially formed committee, he added.
“In implementing the tasks of renovation of quake-hit pagodas and stupas, we have been consulting with the UNESCO to have Bagan Region designated as the world heritage zone. It is necessary for us to cooperate with all for the survival in the long run, by taking into consideration the potential dangers of natural disaster to come,” said the Vice President.


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