September 23, 2017

U Bein Bridge closed as flood water touches its floor

Volunteers and firemen inspect U Bein Bridge. Photo: Than Htay
Volunteers and firemen inspect U Bein Bridge. Photo: Than Htay

People are banned from passing through U Bein Bridge as flood water reached the floor of the bridge at about 2.30 pm yesterday following the water level of Taungtaman Lake continued to rise, said sources in Mandalay.
“The river level has risen by about two feet above its danger level in Mandalay and officials are taking necessary measures as flood waters reach the floor of U Bein Bridge following the rise of water level in the lake,” said Amara social organization.
According to sources, flood waters spilled from the lake causing flooding at Nantha village, a nearby village and sluice gate was opened yesterday morning to allow a certain amount of water to flow out of the lake. Assistant Director U Than Zaw of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (Mandalay) said that river level will remain its danger level although it is likely to recede next day.
According to figures regarding the rise of water in the lake, U Bein Bridge was swamped by flood water in 2004 and the water level of Ayeyawady River in Mandalay exceeded by about four feet above its danger level.


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