September 24, 2017

Two men suspected of involvement in Maungtaw armed attacks receive medical treatment

The suspect receives medical check-up from a nurse.
The suspect receives medical check-up from a nurse.

Two men arrested in separate incidents over the past week have required medical treatment during their incarceration, according to the State Counsellor’s Office.
Mammed, 28, of Wetpyin village, who was detained at the Maungtaw police station on suspicion of his involvement in the Maungtaw violent attacks, was sent to the Maungtaw hospital at 4 pm November 16 for medical treatment, according to the information team of the State Counsellor’s Office.
The suspect is one of 41 people believed to be involved in armed attacks who were arrested in the village of Pwintphyuchaung during an area clearance operation by the government troops on November 12. The information team of the State Counsellor’s Office also said yesterday that the combined forces led by a junior police officer of the No. 2 border guard control office caught 14 suspects red-handed with swords and sticks in the house of Aduharmi during their clearance operation in Mya Zin village, area 5 of Maungtaw region 2 at 7:45 am on 14th November. Among the suspects, Idiyes, 25, son of Longdon Kyetchaung village, was given medical treatment for hypotension during his detention at Kyikanpyin station.


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