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June 07, 2018

Two men accused of street-level drug dealing in Yangon

TWO men accused of street-level drug dealing were arrested in Yangon along with two others who were believed to be drug users earlier this week as a result of a undercover narcotic investigation, police said Saturday.
Acting-on tip off, an anti-drug squad searched a taxi in Kyauktada Township and discovered 33 tablets printed ‘WY’ and one green stimulant.
After interrogating the driver a further three suspects, who are believed to be connected with selling stimulant tablets, were arrested the next day.
Of the four suspects, two are believed to be users and the other two are street-level dealers, police said.
The 1993 Anti-Drug Law calls for up to a five-year jail term if a man uses drugs and up to five years jail for dealing.


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