February 09, 2017

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Two killed in fire caused by negligence in Buthitaung Township

The fire caused by negligence destroys houses and kills two people in Buthitaung Township.

On Thursday morning, a fire broke out in the village of Phonnyoleik in Buthitaung township, Rakhine State, killing two people and destroying houses and shops, it is learnt. The fire started from the remnants left unattended and un-extinguished in the kitchen of Khobiarmat’s house at about 2:30 am on December 15. The fire was brought under control and extinguished at about 3 am, killing 2 people and ruining 8 houses and 9 shops worth Ks 20 lakh. Phonnyoleik Police Station is taking action against Khobiarmat about the fire, it is learnt.


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