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February 26, 2018

Turning the ambitious nationwide ceasefire agreement into reality

The framework for political dialogue was finalised on 15 December in a bid to transform into action the terms and outlines of the nationwide ceasefire agreement, which was signed by the government and eight ethnic armed organisations on 15 October.
The framework has paved the way for bringing an end to internal armed conflict and seeking solutions to political differences in a peaceful way so as to ensure national reconciliation.
Thus, the Union Peace Conference, scheduled to start on 12 January 2016, will represent a triumph of multilateral cooperation and a clear signal that all the stakeholders are coming together to react earnestly to the chronic challenges the country faces. For the first time ever, the conference is expected to establish a national commitment to change the course of the country’s history and exhibit a unity in a common political cause.
However, there still remains much more work ahead of us, which is why the representatives to the Union Peace Conference must continue to play a vital role in achieving its lofty ambitions.
In other words, now is the time for them to take pride in the role they play in unison and with renewed hope. Most importantly, the essential components of the nationwide ceasefire agreement are essential to spurring action to ensure a lasting peace across the country.


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