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February 28, 2018

Trust and human value

By Editorial from the “Mirror” dated 8th February 2017, Translated by Khin Maung Oo
In various aspects of human existence, the value of a person and our attitude towards someone who is different from us is very important. That attitude is none other than the “Trust” we have for that person. We can understand this person’s value only if we have trust.
For us to understand that type of trust and this type of value, we should at the very least try to reduce our ego and pride as much as possible. As long as we have a low opinion and mistrust and doubts about someone, we will not be able to accept nor recognize his value.
In a certain social strata or domain there will be the highest level as well as the lowest level. Depending upon one’s effort and karma, we may find ourselves at the top strata or at the bottom. All those in different levels of society will have their respective beliefs and values.
We should not disdain those from the lowest level and at the same time we should not be excessively impressed nor be disrespectful with those at the highest level. There is no doubt that those from the highest level reached there by their effort or karma, whereas those from the lowest level may have good reasons for their inferior status due to their qualifications and karma.
Whatever it is, whether they are from the highest or lowest level, they all have their corresponding value according to their positions. We would be able to build trust for each other only if we understood these values.
Without having or building that kind of trust, we would not be able to build a good, pleasant situation in that strata, domain or organization. In fact, each and every strata has its respective capability and values.
Every organization will each have their differences. Here, we need to know that these differences do not mean that they are different from us in shape or form, they are just existing according to their own nature and their own value. If we can recognize and co-operate with mutual trust, we will be able to establish a valuable society and a pleasant and beautiful new human society. Yet, presently even in the same community there is still discrimination if someone is different in appearance. We do not know how to value others. What is worse, we still regard those who are different from us as our enemies. When we cannot build trust, based on this fact hatred, pride and conflicts will keep on multiplying.
In our mother land as well, different groups exist in human communities or in regions. It is like a huge nest made up of different groups. Within this huge nest, if we are able to understand the different value of each individual or each group, and build trust by acknowledging each other’s value, surely, we would be able to build a beautiful and peaceful human society.


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